Thursday, July 25, 2013

Should Tall Girls Wear High Heels?

Being 5'9", this question has been on my mind since I got old enough to even think about wearing high heels. Even though I didn't start to wear heels in public until years later, at the tender age of 10 I was already lusting for a pair of high-heeled golden leather dancing shoes, which I eventually talked my mother into buying for me, but I was only allowed to wear them to my dancing classes, which made me quite frustrated given how great I thought I looked in them.

Years later, when I was about fifteen years old, it finally happened. I had been nagging my mother for a pair of bordeaux leather ankle boots with a 4-inch-heel for about two weeks when she finally gave in, saying something to the like of "I'll get them for you so you can finally understand how ridiculous you look in them and stop getting on my nerves", which, of course, didn't matter the least to me as long as I got the boots. 

On the day I first wore them to school I was euphoric. I felt so grown-up in my felt winter skirt, striped sweater, and my beloved boots. There was one thing I had not though about, though: my height. Most of my classmates had not yet reached their final height at the age of fifteen, while I had. I was already 5'9", and if you add four-inch heels to that, you can imagine how extremely tall I must have looked in everyone's eyes. I am proud to say, however, that the weird feeling and the not-always-so-nice comments coming both from classmates and teachers did not discourage me from wearing heels, even though I put regular heel-wearing off for a few more years. 
And just for the record: I did not look ridiculous, Mom.

Now, we all know how high heels make our posture sexier and our legs look more toned and how they can make almost any outfit look passable. Most of us probably also have a small...ish collection of pumps, stilettos, boots and other wonders, some of which have never even been taken out for a walk aroud the block. But the question most of us ask ourselves on a daily basis is this: can I or can I not? 

After years of internal dilemma I came to the conclusion that whether you are tall or short, blonde or a brunette, skinny or curvy, you most likely look better in heels than in flats. When you wear heels, you hold your head high and the look in your eyes changes. So does your attitude towards things. Whenever I wear my favorite stilettos on a night out, a pair of comfy pumps to a business meeting or my trusty brown knee-high boots on a chilly winter day, I fee like I am floating in the air, and all the problems that were scheduled to come my way that day magically disappear. You might say I'm exaggerating, but I say go and try it for yourself if you haven't already.

Rather often I find myself discussing the topic of high-heeled shoes with people. Here are 5 questions that I am asked quite frequently, and I am sure they will sound familiar to all the tall girls out there. So let me answer them right here:

1. Why do you need heels at all? You are already so tall!

I do not need heels. I want heels. And because I look and feel good in them.

2. Don't you mind your boyfriend/husband/best friend/chihuahua etc. being shorter than you when you wear heels?

No, I don't. A man with a healthy self-esteem will proudly accompany a stiletto-clad woman anywhere, whether she is 5 or 6 feet tall.

3. Don't your feet hurt?

This question is not only addressed to tall girls, but I hear it so often I had to include it in my list. Answer: No, my feet don't hurt. Truth is, most of my heels are much more comfortable than the rest of my shoes. I have a few 5-inch masterpieces that feel like house slippers. No kidding. Thank you, Fendi.

4. Why are you wearing high heels in the morning?

Because I want to. I don't understand the question anyway.

5. Why are you wearing high heels on weekends?

See answer nr.4.

I hope this made at least some of you tall girls more confident about wearing heels. We should all take example from Maria Sharapova (6'2") and the Duchess of Cambridge (5'10"), both of whom are amazing women, and proud high heel wearers.


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