Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dreams Etched in Stone

Today I’m going to make you guys dream. The holidays are right around the corner, which means fabulous parties, romantic dinners, cozy evenings by the fire, hearty meals, presents and lots and lots of sparkle. And what’s more beautiful and festive than the subtle shine of diamonds on your fingers or warm candlelight reflected in a myriad facets of colored gemstones around your neck…

I believe that a gemstone is much more than just a beautiful object. Each stone has a soul and a story, a special significance that makes them unique and so very desirable. In this post I wanted to share with you some of the most beautiful and extraordinary jewels I have seen in a long time. I literally turned the internet upside down to find them, so I hope you will love them as much as I do. Let me know which ones make your heart beat faster in the comments below.

This stunning cocktail ring is part of the Diamond Boutique’s new “Elements” collection, which includes a rainbow of colored gems inspired by the four elements: air, earth, fire and water. This pink kunzite and diamond ring from the Air collection is one of a kind and customizable according to the lucky costumer’s preferences. I personally find the light purplish pink color of this stone absolutely magical. It reminds me of unicorns for some reason…

I love stones that are cut into unusual, organic shapes, which is why these pear shaped amethyst drop earrings immediately struck a chord with me. They are set in 14k rose gold studded with diamonds and are the perfect gift to a girly girl. I would wear them with a dark purple cocktail dress and a pair of pink satin heels, possibly embellished with feathers. Find the earrings

The Little Prince collection by Israel-based jeweller Gal Padani is truly special, and not only because of its aesthetic qualities, but also because of the meaning behind these pieces. The collection was inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s book and this recycled 18k gold bracelet with a diamond is engraved with its most important symbol: the rose – a symbol of unconditional love. 

The contrast of the smooth black onyx and the intricate white gold and diamond details is what makes this ring so extraordinarily beautiful. The delicate milgrain finish forms a snowflake pattern, hence the name: “Snowflake” ring. It is the perfect accessory for the modern woman whose fragility is just as important a part of her as her strength and who is not afraid to show her personality to the world. I think I’ll be seeing this ring in my dreams tonight… (No pressure, hubby dearest, no pressure.)
For an immense selection of gorgeous jewelry visit MS Jewelers.

The Midnight pendant by Sleziona Jewellery. Inspired by Silesian wirework, this gold, silver and kyanite necklace bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary. Its gently curved lines and perfect symmetry guide the eye towards the midnight blue stones surrounded by golden accents that look like drops of seawater. To me this pendant is a mystery, an almost magical object that embodies the heritage of the old and magnificent Europe.

The first word that came to my mind when I saw these earrings was happiness.  A rainbow of sapphires and fancy colored diamonds is just what a girl needs to feel beautiful and special. They look like a cluster of delicious grapes, but made of some of the most stunning gems found in nature. Just typing it makes me happy: huge pink sapphires… heart cut green sapphires… mmm… For more fabulous estate jewelry check out Once Upon a Diamond.

A long white dress with an open back, a pair of jewelled heels, a magical New Year’s Eve on the top floor of a skyscraper with the city beneath your feet, a glass of Dom Perignon in your hand and this ring on your finger. This 20-carat aquamarine (a March birthstone) set with 4 green drop tourmalines and diamonds reminds me of a crystal clear and very deep mountain lake. Take a look at the Oscar Harshtain jewelry shop for similar items.

This vintage multi-strand Baroque pearl cocktail necklace is not only a magnificent piece of jewelry, but it is also a protective amulet: it features a Foo Dog head, otherwise known as the Shishi Lion or Guardian Lion in Chinese culture, believed to have magical protective powers. The 14 karat gold lion head is set with rubies and brilliant cut diamonds. You can find this and more beautiful vintage pieces at Sophie Jane Jewels.

This 18 karat gold flower pendant is beautiful enough to be your accessory on a special day (or night), but its understated elegance also makes it a great choice for a weekday when you need a little bit of extra boost to feel beautiful and special. It was made with 28 pink and 2 yellow sapphires. Sapphires. (I love this word.) Find more similarly beautiful pieces at MBF Jewelry.

What can be prettier than pearls? Fancy blue-green-purple iridescent wrinkled pearls, of course! The “Lady Grey” necklace by Bijoux d’Odalisque is a unique and fascinating mix of textures: the smooth but uneven surface of the Kasumi-like pearl, the ornate Byzantine pattern of the bail and the modern silver box chain create the most wonderful mixture of old and new, organic and structured. I could wear this every day and never get tired of it.

The contemporary structure of this marquise cut diamond engagement ring by Glitz Design makes it the perfect choice for a young and modern bride. The beautiful ½ ct central stone is set on a band of black diamonds. I have loved black diamonds ever since I first saw them in person - the way they reflect light, sparkling ever so slightly when it touches them, is so amazingly beautiful. If you are lucky, you are going to wear your engagement ring almost every day for the rest of your life, so it needs to be a beautiful and versatile piece of jewelry. This one here definitely meets the criteria.

2.2 carats of high quality diamonds, fancy cut topaz and amethyst stones in shades of blue, green and purple, a simple and elegant design on a long white gold chain… Ladylike and refined, subtly sensual and incredibly luxurious, this handmade necklace is going to make a lucky woman very happy one day… probably really soon. I love the idea of combining different color stones in one piece of jewelry and I think these gems work really well together. You can find this necklace as well as a selection of beautiful engagement rings on


  1. Anett, these are some really sweet pieces of jewelry... I love the first pink stone... xox

  2. Un post molto interessante! Questi gioielli sono uno più bello dell'altro!

  3. OMG. These pieces of jewelry are to die for!! They're all exquisite.

  4. These are very gorgeous and perfect adds to our lovely holiday outfit. I'm not pay attention for stone as ever but the ones you showed here are beautiful!


  6. Oh my goodness, all the pieces are stunning, gorgeous finds!

    Reflection of Sanity

  7. Lovely jewlery:) Come check out my blog when you have a chance!

    Roxanne Carmen
    My Fashion On The Rox

  8. Sono stupendi questi gioielli!:)
    Buona domenica cara!

  9. Sono stupendi questi gioielli!!

  10. Sono stupendi!!

    New Sunday post on lb-lc fashion blog

  11. Great post and lovely pieces of jewellery. xx

  12. That one with the green and blue in the center is gorgeous. These are all so gorgeous. Lovely choices and ideas for how to wear them!


  13. Awwwww, love 'em, my dear ^_^



  14. Wow, that stuff is beautiful and unique. love that golden braclet

    have a nice day!

  15. Questi gioielli sono strepitosi, letteralmente, gli orecchini pendenti colorati sono da urlo!
    Un abbraccio
    Eva e Valentina the anarCHIC

  16. Veri chic and nice items!
    Have a lovely weekstar Anett!

  17. Amazing, I love every piece!

  18. I always said the best gift is jewelry! great selection! xx

  19. Beautiful pieces. These would make lovely gifts.

  20. I wouldn't say no to any one of these fabulous pieces, dearest Anett!! But I must say, you and I obviously have the same (great!) taste...'cause that "Snowflake" ring has my name on it, too!! Do you think Santa might be extra generous this year?! ;)

  21. WOW!! Those rainbow/drop earrings are incredible! I agree with you; they certainly do emulate happiness. Beautiful colors. Gorgeous selection that you've shared with us!


  22. Oooh what a gorgeous post! Who doesn't love jewellery and stones. I love the gold bracelet though, I've been craving simplicity more and more lately which is why I think I fell in love with this piece. ;o)


  23. Bellissimi pezzi. I miei preferiti sono il braccialetto e la collana midnight.

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  24. Bellissima collezione amo da morire le pietre colorate e trasparenti! baci

  25. These are some lovely pieces of jewelry, thanks for sharing.

  26. Bellissimi questi gioielli, guardarli mi tolgono il fiato!

    Un bacione
    Rebirth - Beth Kubler Diary - Fashion Blog

  27. Stunning!!!


  28. They're so beautiful! I don't own enough jewelled things!

    Corinne x

  29. wow che meraviglia questi gioielli!!

    buona giornata
    passa a trovarmi, nuovo outfit, vorrei sapere cosa ne pensi
    Style shouts

  30. You sure did made me dream the jewerly is outstanding.

  31. Oh wow Anett! these pieces are truly gorgeous :) such a nice compilation :) Wonderful post..Keep In touch dear..hugs
    rampdiary / My art Blog / Beauty and fashion Blog

  32. Какая красота) Очень понравились некоторые модели украшений)

  33. So much beauty right here.
    Annett, now I can't get rid of that song - it's in my head, Diaaamonds are a girl's best friend!


  34. Wow :D sono meravigliosi!!!
    Non saprei davvero quale scegliere!
    Un bacio bella :)

  35. Hai ragione annett questi gioielli fanno sognare davvero tanto.
    e noi abbiamo sempre bisogno di un sogno.

  36. Wowww! I love this post. All pieces are beautiful!!

  37. questi gioielli sono favolosi!! un bacione

  38. Very nice! I dont think I could be trusted with them
    Martina x

  39. Beautiful pieces!
    Julie |

  40. sono meravigliosi uno più dell'altro
    un bacione

  41. I love your jewelry selection! Happy week, girl!

  42. Oh that ring is just lovely! :)

  43. bellissimi gli anelli!!!! :D

  44. I love the last necklaze. Kisses dear!

  45. Beautiful pieces! Thanks so much for featuring us!


  46. Very pretty pieces. Great post as always <3
    I was wondering do you have GFC box?

  47. Loooove them that third ring looks amazing :)
    You are welcome to visit my blog xxx

  48. Perfection <3
    wish you a great week ahead…

  49. so gorgeous!

  50. wow che meraviglia, l'ultima collana è stupenda
    buon lunedì
    un abbraccio

  51. Dei pezzi stupendi!!!
    Happy new week!

    Kisses, love Paola.


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  52. Beautiful choices. I absolutely love the pink stone in the first photo. x E

    Elizabeth Victoria Clark


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