Monday, December 26, 2016

Natural Skin Whitening With SHOUVY

Despite having grown up in the 90's when sunbeds and fake tans were part of most people's beauty routine, I have always liked to keep my skin really really white - simply because I think that's what looks best on me. I have a naturally fair complexion, but I always make sure that my foundation is even lighter in color than my skin (i.e. the lightest shade available). If you are like me and want to take it one step further, read on.

SHOUVY is a Japanese beauty brand that offers top quality medi-cosmetics that naturally whiten, lighten, and brighten your skin. Their clinically developed whitening formulas have been extensively tested and are claimed to be risk free and to pose no danger to your skin, unlike many similar products.
Their range of products includes creams, soaps, face masks and other beauty products that work to lighten your skin and also provide a variety of other skin benefits, such as giving your skin a renewed and fresh look. These products are made of high quality ingredients, without any harsh or harmful chemicals that can potentially damage your skin. This makes SHOUVY's formulas perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones - because no beauty treatment is worth it if it has damaging effects on your skin, short or long term. Many of SHOUVY's products are also enriched with vitamins for added benefits to your skin.
If you plan to brighten your skin, remember to also use a high SPF every day (even in winter!) so the results will be even better, or use SHOUVY's brightening BB cream with SPF30 to kill two birds with one stone.
Have you ever tried whitening your skin with specific products? I would love to hear about your experience!


  1. I have tried a product like this... I am naturally very pale myself, I use a light foundation too xox

    I hope your Christmas was a lovely one xox

  2. Japanese brands love products that keep skin fair and glowing. I'd like to try this brand out, I love the Spf 30 protection added :)

  3. I'm not really a fan of skin whitening, too afraid to try it!



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