Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Fashion Brands to Watch

Part of why I love my job is that I get to discover so many amazing brands each month and, of course, share my favourite finds with you guys! The world of fashion is so vast and diverse and full of creativity that it is truly a pleasure to learn about its many facets.

So here are my picks for this month's brands to watch. Let me know if you already know and love any of them!

Lüllepop is a German fashion brand founded by fashion designer Cathleen Reinheckel and photographer Andrè Gawanka. They create extravagant and extraordinary outer garments and lingerie that is not so much underwear as it is a collection of unique works of art that are meant to make your imagination fly. They use lace, cotton, lycra, nappa or knit fabrics in combination with latex to give their designs a sensual and elegant edge. Their unexpected silhouettes and cuts are beautiful frames for the protagonist of their work: the female body.

Maricy Takahashi is an award-winning Brazilian artist of Japanese descent who creates one of a kind handmade jewellery made of precious metals and precious stones in her Brussels studio. Her unique aesthetic has been influenced by the cultures she has personally experienced, merging the minimalism, simplicity and ephemerality of the Japenese aesthetic with the sense of liberty and movement characteristic of Brazilian culture. The two rings pictured above (gold, back pearl and diamonds, left, silver, gold and diamonds, right) are beautiful examples of her work.

Baltimore is a young French ready-to-wear brand based in Paris. Baltimore offers overalls designed in France and made in Portugal and aims to be an ambassador of our current society by creating timeless, simple and clean designs to be worn all over the world. They are the first brand to develop a collection of overalls. All of their pieces are made in Porto in a small family workshop that respects the working conditions of its employees and they also collaborate with an NGO in India that works for the emancipation of women and the education of children in New Delhi. Their pieces can also be worn 2 ways: as dungarees and as trousers / shorts or a skirt!

Maquien is an award winning British fashion brand known for their superbly tailored clothing entirely made in Britain. Their collections are a delightful mix of smart, casual and relaxed pieces that you can wear wherever life takes you. What I love most about the brand is their stunning coats and jackets (see above) - beautifully designed and expertly tailored, they will add an elegant touch to any outfit. The Nehru jacket (right) is made of pure linen and is a perfect choice for summer evenings. It is available in white and natural linen as well as in the version above called 'Sunset' by special order. Get in touch with Maquien if you want something custom made to your measurements, they'll be happy to help!


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  1. Lovely post :)

  2. good post dear, thanks for sharing all his brands.
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  3. Wow so many cool finds here. I can't say I've heard nor am familiar but I am so, so loving the concept for the lingerie as outerwear. Those photos are very captivating and so are those designs. Love!


  4. Thanks for sharing, will check them out :)


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