Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Make A Statement - Shopping Guide

If, like me, you're working on downsizing your wardrobe, you might be surprised that I suggest buying something instead of getting rid of stuff, but hear me out. 

When you are creating a minimalist wardrobe that is super curated and versatile, it really helps to have a few pieces of clothing and accessories that will add a little kick to your outfits. These statement pieces are the ones that will take your minimal outfits from lazy to fashionable.

So here are some of my favorite statement pieces for this spring. Let me know which ones you like best!

Statement tops by Urban Gilt. These guys are amazing at creating tees (both men's and women's) that are very minimal, but definitely make a statement with their bold designs inspired by moments of urban life that we have all experienced: the hard lines of a glass & steel building, the brush strokes of a street artist painting in the shadows, or the pumping beat of a darkened underground nightclub. You can wear them with a pair of ripped jeans or leather leggings for a cool laid back look, but they'll also look amazing with a tailored jacket. All of Urban Gilt's garments are made ethically and responsibly from sustainably sourced materials.

Architectural designs by U.A. Style. Ugne Arlauskaite, the designer behind the label is known for her minimalist aesthetic and making a statement with her architecturally structured dresses, skirts and tops that boast beautiful draping, innovative hemline solutions and a beautiful neutral colour palette. Ugne lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania.The woman she creates her clothes for is a super woman. In the designer's words: "She falls down sometimes, feeling weak or confused, but gets up every time, knowing how not to give up and celebrate her life. I am just like those women, and I find my strength in my creations." I think that's a philosophy we can all get behind.

Summer is fast approaching and the sea is calling, but going to the beach doesn't have to be a sloppy affair. Wear a comfy white beach dress, pick up your favourite beach accessories by Cleo Gatzeli and not only will you make a statement, but you'll definitely be the most stylish girl in your beach club. Cleo is a designer from Greece, so no wonder she knows a thing or two about beach wear and how to make it extraordinary. She makes towels, bags, jewellery and clothing for all sea lovers and uses only premium quality materials for her designs that are unique and often customizable. 

Freeze the breeze is a new luxury swimwear brand that creates unique pieces made of high quality Italian fabrics. Their designs are made with the modern age adventurer in mind: besides being trendy and beautifully made, they are smartly design to be a perfect companion for a relaxed sunny day, beach sports and summer night parties. 'Freeze the Breeze' creates their original designs based on the most exciting fashion trends of SS2017, combining a clean minimalist aesthetic with beautiful little details.


  1. I love those maxi skirts/dreases .. I've been searching for one for a couple years... I finally found a couple... xox ♡♡♡

  2. Concordo con i tuoi suggerimenti. Ridimensionamento può anche voler dire "new entry"....Un bacio,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    My last outfit of the day

  3. Wow...its a beautiful post babe...Kisses, Neha


  4. Great guide Bella! I love the statement top, it's definitely a must have piece and I can't resist cute beach accessories! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! How are you dear?

    Aurelie | http://www.surface85.com


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