Friday, March 24, 2017

Red Flowers

This little dress just arrived in the mail yesterday and the timing couldn't have been better. Today was the first really warm spring day so I didn't have to wait too long to wear it. 

This style is something completely new in my wardrobe, as I'm not really an embroidery girl and I don't wear trapeze dresses all that much either, but this just proves that sometimes we need to get out of our comfort zone to discover new and exciting things. 

I love the clean feel of this super white fabric and I'm obsessed with the flower embroidery... who would have thought? Also, as luck would have it, my Lime Crime Velveteen liquid matte lipstick perfectly matches the red flowers. #win 

Dress: Shein
Jacket: Pinko


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Theresa is a fashion designer based in Singapore. Her designs are mostly African inspired prints influenced by her upbringing and heritage - she spent a great deal of her childhood in Nigeria. She creates unique pieces that can easily be matched with modern fashions such as jeans and sneakers or a pair of high heels. Theresa uses only 100% cotton for her collections, which allows for breathability and durability, ultimately resulting in timeless and functional wardrobe pieces. Above: beautiful dresses in South-African Shweshwe fabric.

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  1. Great way to style the trapeze dress. I embroidery. This is very beautiful Anett!

  2. Lovely outfit ;)

  3. Beautiful dress and it has just the right amount of embroidery.

  4. favoloso questo vestitino!
    Buona domenica :-)

  5. Lovely blouse :) I love flowers details :)

  6. Lovely dress!!!

  7. Anett, what a sweet dress, I think it looks adorable on you... I like the embroidered floral print, it looks fresh and not dated at all xox


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