Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring Sparkle

Spring is officially here and it's wonderful! I have to admit I feel the same way about every season when it starts, but with spring it's still somehow different. It is a celebration of life after a long cold winter, the first green leaves and flowers and, most of all, the promise of summer.

This post is dedicated to my favourite jewellery picks for the season. These designers are seriously rocking it! Let me know if you have any favourites ;)

Sculptural gold ring by Emilie Bliguet. It is always refreshing to see new ideas in fashion and design, but it's even better when these ideas translate to wearability and, well, sheer beauty. Emilie Bliguet's jewellery has a uniquely feminine aesthetic that manages to make a statement while still remaining very delicate and elegant. Emilie is a French-born and Barcelona based designer whose main source of inspiration is the ephemeral beauty of nature. She makes her designs out of fairmined metals and conflict free diamonds.

Husk necklace by Faith Tavender. Faith creates handcrafted silver, gold and 22ct gold plate jewellery in her London studio. In this beautiful gold plated sterling silver necklace she explores the textural qualities of precious metals with a surface pattern inspired by paper bark trees in her garden and the forest near her studio. This nature inspired necklace is perfect for spring and its minimalist aesthetic makes it a great choice for everyday wear as well as a beautiful complement to a long evening gown.

Silver wrap bracelet by Bosco Jewelry. Pamela Bosco has been making her wrap design, which is also her favourite, for 17 years. According to her, the secret to her success lies in the intention and love she puts into her work and I'm sure that really does make a difference. Pamela's jewelry is known for having a special kind of energy that seems to make her designs even more meaningful to those who wear them. This lightweight bracelet is a fun and comfortable piece that will be a fantastic accessory to your summer dresses and silk shirts. 

Half white moon special necklace by Muscari Jewellery. This pendant necklace, made of 18ct white and yellow gold, a lustrous white moonstone and tiny diamonds is indeed special. A beautiful contrast of polished and scratched surfaces, an elaborate three-dimensional design and the sparkle of brilliant cut diamons make it a stunning gift to a loved one - or yourself. Muscari Jewellery was founded by Ana Simoes and Fernando Santos in 2014. They merge traditional techniques with a modern aesthetic to create jewellery that is elegant, contemporary and sophisticated.


  1. I am with you Anett, I love spring because it promises that summer is on it's way... it's the best... Have a great upcoming weekend xox


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