Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Weekly Highlight: Loaal Sunglasses

When it comes to sunglasses, everyone seems to have their preferences. Some like them sporty, others shiny and glamorous, others yet need them huge and black. Then there is the issue of face shapes - we have all read those articles that tell us exactly which kind of frames will look good on us - and which won't. It is is objectively difficult, if not impossible, for sunglasses brands to please everyone, but let me introduce you to a promising newcomer that has everything it needs to become a new favorite with the young and fashionable crowd. 

Loaal is a new sunglasses brand that designs their frames for individuals who love to travel and explore the world around them. This spirit of adventure goes hand in hand with the expression of a person's individual character, that makes for a collection of sunglasses that is both trendy and unique. 

The first model in Loaal''s collection is The Starter, which is inspired by the designers' love for traveling and their passion for discovering incredible US destinations. It is a re-worked design that is even more endearing and functional than the original, with slightly larger lenses and a rubberized frame finish for ultimate comfort. Their frame is fashionable and sturdy without looking bulky or heavy. It is rectangular and fairly large, which is usually a great look for most face shapes. The lenses come in a variety of pretty colors, from purple gradient to black polarized to green mirrored. Personally, I'm a lover of gradient lenses - this might not actually be true, but I'm convinced that they make one's eyes look larger. Opinions?

Loaal Sunglasses are an affordable and trendy accessory for those who love freedom, fun and exceptional discoveries in their day to day life. At just $20 a pair, they are a total steal! You can buy them on Amazon

Also, stay tuned because we'll be doing a giveaway soon where some of you can win a pair for the summer!


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