Thursday, April 6, 2017

Weekly Highlight: Doendoe

Handbags are such a personal thing. Every woman is different and every one of us have our very distinct tastes when it comes to our trusty everyday companions, but what we all notice and appreciate is when a handbag is made with a lot of love and care and, of course, excellent craftsmanship.

For this week's Weekly Highlight feature a choose an online store that I'm sure you guys will love: Doendoe.

Doendoe is the exclusive online reseller of brand Doenya, which has been designing and producing leather fashion goods and accessories since 2001. All of their products are manufactured under a 'Fair Trade' principle, supporting the local workers with decent wages and fair working conditions.

Their leather bags have a charmingly handmade quality to them, but at the same time look like they might have come straight from a Paris or Milan runway. Their use of colour and the ability to beautifully combine different leathers and textures in one bag makes their designs excellent and truly unique.

Doenya leather bags are produced in small artisan studios in countries like Pakistan, India, Morocco and Indonesia, which ensures that each piece is one-of-a-kind and no one else will have the same bag as you. All products are lovingly created out of high quality organic leather

This is a side of fashion that I'm deeply passionate about: appreciating products that are made by talented artisans in small communities, not only those of big and famous brands.  How wonderful is that thanks to technology and a global market these incredible products can easily make their way into our wardrobes? 

To shop for Doenya designs, visit!


  1. Love the little white cross over bag, super cute!


  2. Great bags!!!


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