Thursday, August 17, 2017

Pastel Baby Sweatsuit

I'm going to start by saying that I'm definitely not one of those moms who insist that everything their child touches be gender neutral. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I really like our pinks and Barbie dolls. That being said, I also love how my baby girl looks in grey, brown and even black. The shoes she's wearing in these pictures are actually boy's shoes that I bought because they are so comfortable and I loved the neutral color that goes with everything.

We got this pastel brown and yellow reindeer sweatsuit from Gamiss and I am in love with it. The colors are so well matched and the light cotton fabric makes it perfect for those slightly cooler summer days when you don't need to dress very warm but still want to wear long sleeves and pants. 

As you can see in these pictures, it's stretchy and comfortable which is essential for a toddler who is constantly running, climbing on things and exploring the world around her. And pastel brown with pale yellow might just be my new favorite color combination :)

Sweatsuit: Gamiss
Shoes: Chicco

Use the coupon code GamissXie10 when shopping on Gamiss to get a discount!



When putting together an outfit, jewelry is where we get to have the most fun. It reflects our personality and allows us to show the world who we are. If you are a fun-loving and playful person, you really need to check out Funjewelryshop on Amazon. They have a huge selection of pretty jewelry with inspirational or witty quotes, cute animals, graphic art and more. Their pendants, earrings and cufflinks make for great gift ideas and their wedding-themed pieces are simply adorable!

In this day and age most of us have very busy schedules: we go from the office to the gym, from meetings to lunch with friends and we need to lug around a whole lot of stuff in order to be as efficient and productive as possible - and we need a great bag to hold all our belongings. Meet Vandra, a new, ergonomically designed backpack by Casten Design that allows you to neatly organize your gear and even charge your gadgets on the go. It has separate compartments for sports and office, and features anti-choc cushions to protect your electronics as well as anti-theft zippers - so very useful to us big city dwellers! 

Leggings are an item of clothing that is supposed to be three things: fun, pretty and comfortable. So if you're looking for the perfect pair, I might just have the right shop for you! XParadox offers really cool unique and high quality leggings designs that are manufactured in the United States. Their designs range from beautiful geometric graphic art to optical illusions, stretch four ways and are hand sewn after printing. They are great for any occasion when you need to be comfortable and look trendy at the same time!

Sunglasses are an essential part of the Southern California lifestyle, so no wonder Australian brand SouthCali took their inspiration from the famous stretch of sandy beaches that includes, among others, Santa Monica and Malibu. All of their gorgeous sunglass designs are polarized, unisex and UV-400 rated, super stylish and really affordable at just AUD 49.95 a pair! SouthCali frames and lenses come in a rainbow of colors - have fun choosing your favourite! Pictured above: Malibu and Santa Monica styles.

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  1. Anett, is this your little one? She is so adorable. ..what a sweet litre face and her hair is so cute ♡♡♡


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