Friday, August 25, 2017

Revolutionary Diamond Alternatives by Diamond Veneer

We all know that diamonds are our best friends, don't we? They are the prettiest and shiniest of all the pretty and shine stones we can wear on our fingers, in our earlobes or around our necks. They go with everything and elevate any fashion look to a whole new level of elegance and class.

But what if we can't or don't want to wear the real deal? What if we are travelling and don't want to risk losing a jewel that costs more than the average car?  What if we are concerned about conflict gems and supporting wars and bloodshed? What if we just can't afford to buy one?

Well, now there's a brand new and revolutionary technology to produce the best simulated diamonds that can fool even jewelry experts!

Diamond Veneer, a company known for their high quality diamond alternatives, produces their stones by treating cubic zirconia with a veneer of carbon diamond particles, crystallizing around the entire stone resulting in a flawless "G" color on the diamond color scale. This coating makes the zirconia look exactly like a real diamond.

Also, it is worth noting that the coating technology used for these stones is an eco-friendly process that doesn't use radiation or harsh chemicals.

As Diamond Veneer put it, it is "cubic zirconia on steroids". They are just as beautiful as diamonds, but cost literally a fraction of the price. They will be your go-to jewelry on exotic trips (you wouldn't want to lose a diamond solitaire in the sea or have it stolen from your hotel room, would you?) and can be a great gift idea to younger family members.

Aaaand... I have a surprise for you! Right now you can get 50% off your purchase at Diamond Veneer with the check out code DEAL17. Don't miss your chance to get these stunning synthetic diamonds for half the price!

Beautiful Classic style Round Center (side Baguettes) Ring Simulated Diamond - Diamond Veneer® Engagement Ring, Set in Sterling Silver Platinum Electroplated - $120 Get it now for only 60$ (use Check-out Code deal17)

Beautiful ring flaunts a .25 CT. round cut simulated diamond set in sterling silver and encircled with two halo rows of clear pave cubic zirconias. $30 Get it now for only 30$ (use Check-out Code deal17)

Breathtaking 2 CT. round simulated diamond platinum electroplated sterling silver solitaire ring with channel set baguettes on both ring bands. $100 Get it now for only 50$ (use Check-out Code deal17)


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