Friday, October 13, 2017

Sarah's Fashions and the Youngest Entrepreneur I Know

The world of fashion is one of the most competitive industries there is. I would know, I have been working in it for the past 12 years. Not only is it a multi-trillion dollar industry, but it also includes a variety of jobs that are as glamorous as they are demanding. The combined appeal of a potentially very high income and a life surrounded by beautiful things and people draws millions of young men and women who compete with each other for the spots at the top. But you know what? The fashion industry thrives thanks to this new talent and the fresh ideas of these ambitious young people. And if I could give them a piece of advice, I would say "Start early!" 

If there's someone that definitely doesn't need my advice, it is 8-year old Sarah, the head of operations at her own online dress shop called Sarah's Fashions. If that in itself wasn't impressive enough, she is already in the 7th grade. When I was eight, all I did to set up the foundation of my future fashion career was playing with my Barbies. Just saying.

Anyway, Sarah picks all of the clothes featured in her dress shop, deals with vendors and dreams of entering the fashion world as a designer some day. How awesome is that this girl already has her eyes on her future - and is doing something concrete about it, too!

Sarah's Fashions offers a beautifully curated selection of women's dresses for every taste. The chiffon dresses are a perfect choice for a girly girl, for both day and evening. The two-piece sets are a refreshing alternative to classic dresses to wear on informal occasions. The sweater dresses - my favorite thing to wear during the cold season - make it really easy to look pulled together while also feeling comfortable on those foggy fall days that make you just want to crawl back to bed. 

Be sure to check out her website and browse the entire selection carefully chosen by Sarah just for you!

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