Monday, October 30, 2017

White Stars

My love for black and white is still going strong this season, as you can see.

I'm super busy this fall working on a brand new movie project here in Tuscany alongside my husband and taking care of my 2-year-old all day, every day, so not spending more than a minute on thinking about what to wear every morning is crucial

Thankfully, I have managed to edit my wardrobe down quite a bit and frequently wear a lot of my basics. A new piece to add to my collection is this pair of black pants that are insanely comfortable and literally go with everything.

Yesterday I wore it with this super soft grey and white sweater, definitely a new favourite for the colder days to come.

Sweater: Shein
Pants: Shein



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  1. Nice outfit and very cool sweater :)

  2. Anett, I like the grey sweater with the stars, it looks amazing with the black pants... Enjoy the rest of the week xox


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