Monday, January 22, 2018

Fashion Shopping for the Bold

Don't you sometimes wish there was a store that catered to all your boldest fashion fantasies? Where you could buy all the oversized lashes, sparkly jewelry, sexy party dresses and extravagant accessories you heart desires?

Well, I've got good news for you. Scantily33x has created an impressive selection of apparel and accessories meant for the boldest and most courageous fashionistas whose goal is to have as much fun with their outfits as possible.

If you are preparing for a special night out and in doubt what to wear, this store has got you covered. Their party dresses come in stunning metallic colors and daring cuts, their cocktail rings are large and shiny and come in all colors of the rainbow. Their choker, collection - perfect, if you want to add a sensual touch to your elegant outfits - is truly remarkable: made with pearls, rhinestones of different shades and sizes, chains and velvet, they boast an incredible design and will instantly become the centerpiece of your look.

Scantily33x offers a capsule collection of beauty essentials that will make it easier for you to get ready and add a "wow" factor to anything you wear. Get yourself a pair of handmade magnetic 3D lashes to give your look a super glamorous finish and check out their light up beauty mirror that will make applying your makeup a breeze. 

Speaking of which - by now we all know that using makeup brushes makes the result look so much better and more natural, but not everyone can afford to invest hundreds of dollars in makeup brushes. Why not get a set of 10 pretty "unicorn" brushes for just $14.95?

If you visit Scantily33x, be sure to check out their Smart Nail, an absolute novelty that sounds futuristic even by 2018 standards. This nail (that you place on top of your own fingernail) connects to your Android phone to perform multiple tasks including answering the phone, step counting and heart rate detection. Click here to find out more about the Smart Nail!

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