Thursday, January 4, 2018

How to Find the Most Unique Baby Gadgets and Gifts

If you are a parent, you are probably familiar with the joy of shopping for baby and kid stuff online. It's a lot of fun to pick out new clothes, toys and accessories for your child but it can also be a bit overwhelming - there are so many stores to shop at and so many products to choose from that it's difficult to find the best, cutest, most interesting things, unless you want to spend days on end browsing the internet. Also, we often come across the same products on several websites which can be quite frustrating when one is looking for something fun and unique.

Thankfully, there is now a website that will make online baby shopping so much easier for you. is a web magazine run by Jonathan Contreras, a father himself, who happens to love original and cool children's products and created this site to share his favorite finds with all of us. features a selection of odd, innovative and fun baby gear that you will appreciate when looking for baby and toddler products for your kid or gifts for a young family. 

Have you ever heard of a self driving stroller, for example? Well, you can find it on this website and they also have a link to the store that sells it. You remember the washable Doodle Bears from our 90's childhood? Jonathan knows where you can get it for your own child. Are you looking for a stunning, super safe, futuristic crib for your newborn? They will show you several different options. Curious where you can get Cinderella's coach handmade by her fairy godmother? They got that too!

If you have a small child, I strongly suggest you check out this website, you will absolutely love all the cool gadgets and original gift ideas! :)

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