Sunday, January 21, 2018

Rosegal Wishlist

"Comfy and cozy" is usually a great (and foolproof) way to dress during the winter months, but one can only wear so many fluffy sweaters and oversized scarves, am I right?

Sometimes we all need to put on something more smart and girly to look and feel different. I love the combination of light pink and aubergine in this look and how the different textures of the skirt and blouse complement each other.

You can get the entire look on Rosegal:
  1. Pink graduated sunglasses
  2. Pink quartz watch
  3. Pink handbag set
  4. Chiffon blouse with floral lace pattern
  5. Wine red pleated skirt
Shop the Rosegal 2018 Valentine's Day sales and use the coupon code RosegalChen to get up to 20% off your purchase!

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