Friday, February 9, 2018

Moodstruck Beloved - Sensual Palette by Younique

Valentine's Day is here and a lot of us are excited to get all dolled up for our partners (and for ourselves!) on this special holiday. But no matter the season, we all deserve being pampered on a regular basis - to feel beautiful, radiant and well cared for. 

Beauty brand Younique will give you this wonderful sensation. Their range of high quality cosmetics is created to suit the needs of every woman, making it possible to highlight our unique features and feel beautiful inside and out. 

Younique's mission is to give the gift of self-confidence to women all around the world. Their products enhance our outer beauty and their consultancy program gives women the possibility to become financially independent by making money with their passion for makeup and cosmetics. Isn't that amazing?

If you are in a romantic mood - and I sure hope you are - check out Younique's February special edition "Be Loved" makeup bundle that includes the exlcusive MOODSTRUCK BELOVED eye shadow palette, a professional eyeshadow brush for that perfect smoky eye look and a LIPBONBON colored lip balm for soft, kissable lips.

While the brush and the lip balm are very nice, the real star of this set is, without a doubt, the eye shadow palette. Its four feminine colors are all you'll want to use for your romantic date nights and elegant special occasions. "Devoted", dark and matte plum shade is perfect for accentuating the eyes and creating a base for your smoky eye make up. "Alluring" is a seductive, lighter shade of prune for dinner dates and night time outings. "Adored" is a sweet and romantic matte pink, the perfect shade for everyday wear and "Unwavering" is a pinkish metallic white highlight color. 

Shop Younique now and discover the makeup and cosmetics that are perfect for you!

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