Sunday, April 29, 2018

Awaken the Goddess Inside You with Divine Yoniverse

Ten Wisdom Goddess Pearl Series

Taking care of our hair has been a powerful and sacred ritual to women all over the world for thousands of years. Hair - especially long, beautiful, well-groomed hair has always been believed to have spiritual powers.

Today a lot of us have forgotten about this aspect of our hair and only focus on using expensive products, dying and bleaching it and creating fashionable "dos". But I assure you, if you a take a moment to really connect with your hair, it will repay you by becoming an endless source of beauty and positive energy.

I firmly believe that it is important to surround ourselves with things that are made with love and care. The Goddess Dream Brushes by Divine Yoniverse (available on Etsy) are a very special accessory. They are  designed to awaken Women to their Divine Nature while offering the most regal hairbrushes on the Market. Each hairbrush is a jeweled, unique mother of pearl piece of Art fit for a Queen.

White Tara - Goddess of Compassion
Each Goddess Dream Brush has its own "Matron" Goddess - the brush carries Her Energy, Her colours and has been created with invocations of Her mantras, so each brush becomes a living beacon of that Sacred Vibration. When you see yours - you just know.

Magdalena - She Who Walks in Love
Sophia - The Great Mother
Gaia Maa - The Goddess of Earth

As Women, we all have a natural resonance with a certain Goddess Archetype, and some of us - with a few. There are few accessories that we engage with as intimately as with our hair brushes, so it was a natural idea from the Great Mother - make those a song to Her! Each brush is purely handcrafted and one-of-a-kind and exquisitely beautiful. There is no other brush like it in the world. Browse their collection and find out which one resonates with you!

Laxmi Maa - Goddess of Abundance
Divine Yoniverse is a deeply spiritual brand that has been created with intention of giving joy and spreading love to all women in the world and to create abundance through creating beauty. By supporting this Goddess Enterprise you will also support other Goddess-based initiatives, as at least 10% of all profits will be directed towards something that will make a positive change in the world.

Matangi Maa - Mystical Creatrix
Artemis - The Goddess of Sovereignty
Magdalena, Gaia and Hestia Archetypes

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