Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Blue Lotus Essentials Review

I have already mentioned that I would do a review about an awesome beauty brand I have just discovered - Blue Lotus Essentials - so here it is! 

Blue Lotus Essentials specializes in all natural and holistic bath and body products, all of which are made fresh to order and customized to fit the individual needs of each customer. You can choose from a variety of 100% pure essential oils or 100% skin safe fragrance oils to scent the products, and their selection is impressive: blueberry vanilla, sweet pea, cucumber melon, mango, basil and many, many more delicious fragrances. (All scents, flowers, and herbs are free of charge as well as scent mixing.)

I have tried four of their amazing products and I chose the scent called "Lemon Cake with Vanilla Icing" which is a pretty accurate description - and it smells heavenly, too. I love lemon cake.

Whipped Shea Butter

I have tried shea butter before and while it did miracles for my skin, I wasn't a huge fan of the solid version. Turns out, what I really needed in my life was whipped shea butter. Its mousse-like texture allows you to distribute it evenly on your skin and prevents you from unnecessarily using too much product. Since I had already tried shea butter before, I was expecting it to make my skin super soft and hydrated, and it delivered on that front as well.

Fizzing Bath Salt

Don't you just love that luxurious feeling of taking a bath with bath salts? If you add dried herbs and flowers, a wonderful scent and a gentle fizzing to the mix, you will feel pretty close to paradise. Try it after a long day to wash away the stress and negativity. Works wonders!

Lather Bar

As much as I love wonderful smelling soap, I don't use it that often, because soaps often dry my skin. The Blue Lotus Lather Bar, however, is super hydrating, so it doesn't cause dryness, even though I wash my hands about two thousand times a day (I have a toddler, you know) and I even use it in the shower. 

Mood Spray

I've left my favorite for last. A mood spray is one of those little luxuries that you don't really need (unlike, say, a moisturizer or soap), but it feels really good to have it. I spray it on my pillow before going to bed and it actually makes me want to go to bed - something I usually try to put off as much as possible. Oh, and my husband loves it, too!

If you'd like to try these products, visit the Blue Lotus Essentials store and shop away! :)

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