Monday, April 23, 2018

Exclusive Hats by Maaneh Millinery

There are few accessories that can make a lady look as elegant and sophisticated as a beautiful handcrafted hat... and few things can compare to the feeling of wearing such a unique piece of art.

Maaneh Millinery is a brand founded by Nirali Rangwala, an Indian milliner with a graduate degree in Systems and Aerospace engineering (what? can we get a round of applause?). Her creations are exactly what any woman would want to wear on an occasion that requires a hat, being just the right combination of extravagance and elegance. They will allow you to show your personality while also conforming to the dress code.

Maaneh Millinery hats are made from natural fibers that belong to the Abaca plant, making them likely to be the most exquisite eco-friendly accessory you will ever own.

Nirali was raised in Louisville, home to the renowned Kentucky derby, which inspired her to get into hat making. I absolutely love her  definition of millinery as a glamorous form of engineering. It takes a woman with brains and an excellent taste to come up with that and I can't help but agree. 

"Maaneh" is a word of Sanskrit origin that portrays an expensive piece of jewellery that can boost your poise. In a sense, hats like these are jewellery: alluring creations that are meant to enhance our beauty and style. 

Nirali Rangwala is committed to preserving the vintage art form of hat-making, in appreciation of the traditional Indian artisans who are still practicing this trade. She brings this art into the 21th century by creating pieces that are deeply rooted in tradition but also adapted to modern tastes and expertly constructed to last. If you take good care of your hat, you can pass it down to your children and grandchildren!

Each Maaneh Millinery piece is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind - and also a prime example of the high-voltage glamour most women dream of wearing at least once in their life.

The hats in this post are from Maaneh Millinery's new 2018 "Levante" collection.

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  1. Amazing hats, dear! They look lovely!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs ♥
    Liana Laurie


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