Thursday, April 5, 2018

Handcrafted Glasses by Takemoto Huang

I have been working with fashion brands for years now and I'm really grateful to have the opportunity to learn about outstanding companies and designers that are dedicated to making our wardrobes more stylish and our lives prettier. 

Of course, some of the designers I work with leave a more long-lasting impression on me than others. One such designer is Takemoto Huang, an outstanding eyeglass craftsman and optometrist who I have first worked with four years ago... and I have been wearing his designs ever since!

Takemoto specializes in artisan made bamboo and wooden glasses that are as unique as they are fashionable.

The leopard print pair in these photos is my absolute favorite from him and it has been fitted with custom prescription lenses (which were perfectly made) and shipped to me in a handmade wooden box. I was instantly in love.

The process of making each pair of glasses includes about 50 steps, each completed by the designer himself. All of Takemoto's bamboo glasses are finished with anti-crack treatment that makes them stronger and more resistant, and he can install the prescription lenses for you, including transition\progressive and RX sunglass lenses. He also offers lifelong free maintenance and replacement parts!

In a world full of mass-produced goods, handcrafted designs like Takemoto's are a rare and precious thing to find. The unique texture of each piece of wood that the glasses are made from contribute to their charm and uniqueness and will help you truly stand out in a crowd. 

And after four years of constant use and countless stylish fashion moments thanks to my Takemoto Huang glasses, this brand definitely has my stamp of approval. 

Shop his designs on Etsy!

Check out Takemoto's YouTube channel to learn more about the crafting process!

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