Monday, April 16, 2018

Navy Blue Dress

Navy stripes is not even a trend, it's an evergreen classic that we see on the runways - and on the streets - every summer. 

I'm so happy with this new dress, because its so easy to wear and comfortable, but most of all I like its stylish take on navy stripes that are used as a decoration instead of an all-over print. One needs to be careful with those horizontal stripes, if you know what I mean :)

Dress: Shein



No matter how hard designers try to come up with newest, never-before-seen clothes and accessories, they will never be able to make anything more beautiful than what nature has already created for us. The awe-inspiring Orchid Necklace collection by Huppie Designs brings you the beauty of real orchids that you can wear as jewelry. The flowers are dipped in resin to create an accessory that is as unique as it is timeless. Use the coupon code AB15 to get 15% off your purchase through Mother's Day.

They say that when someone is talented at something, they are talented at everything. This seems to be the case with Yvonnca Landes who, after a 20-year successful career in real estate, is now venturing into apparel, accessories and lifestyle. Her mission is to offer great products that can empower you to be all you can be - Dress, Eat and Be A Better You! Check out her online store and stay tuned for an article about her business coming soon on the blog! 

If you wore a cute outfit but no one saw it... did it even happen? To avoid the risk of wasting a completely good outfit, head over to and post it for a community of like-minded fashionistas to see and "like", while also getting inspiration from their daily looks. And while you're there, be sure to visit their online store and check out their selection of trendy women's clothing and accessories. Shop their awesome bikini collection in time for summer!

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Sure, carefully matching our outfits and doing our hair is important, but what really makes our look is the little details. Mademoiselle In Paris is an Etsy shop (gosh I love Etsy!) that sells handpainted felt and leather brooches that will instantly take your look from average to stylishly original! Their handcrafted charm, quirky design and natural materials will make you fall in love and come back for more. Visit the store now and start your collection of unique Parisian brooches!

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  1. Lovely dress for a beautiful look ;)


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