Saturday, April 21, 2018

Online Shopping with the Landes Family

The secret to a great lifestyle brand is knowing your customers and offering them a range of products that can enhance their everyday lives by making them look and feel amazing. Yvonnca Landes, the Tennessee based realtor not only helps people find their dream home and sell their old one, but also supplies them with clothes, accessories and more, to complement their dream lifestyle! 

Yvonnca has recently launched Landes Apparel, a store that sells fashionable hats, T-shirts, dresses, sunglasses, watches, bags and more. They all pack a lot of personality, but her blinged out hats and the casual tees printed with inspirational quotes are what really define her brand: high voltage style with lots of positive vibes and inspiration for people who want to achieve their goals in life while also staying grounded and focus on their family.

Yvonnca's mission is to offer you great products that can empower you to be all you can be,  become a more stylish and successful version of yourself, and be a better person by following God's commandments. 

Yvonnca encourages her customers to put themselves first and take better care of themselves. Besides being a powerful force in Tennessee real estate and a successful fashion entrepreneur, she has also launched her own line of food seasoning and a cookbook titled "Yvonnca's Cooking Secrets" that will help you cook delicious homemade dinners from scratch for your family, from appetizer to dessert - because nothing brings a family closer together than sharing a tasty meal made with love.

Be sure to check out the Landes Apparel online store and enjoy shopping with The Landes Family, the First Family of Real Estate! 

Yvonnca, the realtor who does it all will help you dress, eat and be a better you!

Scan the code to discover more about Landes Apparel!

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