Sunday, May 6, 2018

Ashburten Aviators - A Touch of Summer Luxury

I always say: accessories can make or break your look. This is especially true for sunglasses. If you choose them well, they will add a touch of high-voltage Hollywood glamour to your outfit, but if you pick a design that is not quite right, you run the risk of ruining your look.

There is one style, however, that is perfect for most occasions: aviators. They are a timeless classic - loved by movie stars and fashionistas all over the world - that is a good fit for any face shape and a great accessory for most fashion styles, from rock chic to elegant day looks. They will add a modern edge to your bon ton tea dress and make your jeans and leather jacket look runway-worthy.

Ashburten is a brand that makes beautiful high-end aviator sunglasses in a rainbow of vibrant colors: flame red, glitz gold, isle green, royal purple and wave blue. You will no doubt find the perfect shade to go with your favorite summer looks and swimsuits.

Ashburten is not just a brand - it is the symbol of a lifestyle. They create their designs for people who are curious and passionate, wide-eyed travelers and seekers of adventure. The kind of people who decide to travel the world on a whim. The kind of people who tirelessly pursue happiness and excitement, and do so in style.

The mirrored lenses of Ashburten sunglasses are made with multi-layer scratch resistant technology and provide 100% UV protection from the sun’s glare. They are made to be your faithful companion on long summer road trips and busy city days, country getaways and fun family outings. So you can stay stylish anywhere, anytime.

Ashburten now offers FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING as a limited offer, so be sure to get your hands on a pair now, before it ends! 

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