Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Princess Dress by Sara Dresses

"Mommy, I'm a princess!" When this is your toddler's first reaction to her new dress, you know you got the right one. 

My little one loves dressing up just as much as I do and she is already starting to develop her own sense of style. Needless to say that princess dresses with puffy, multi-layered skirts are pretty high up on her list of fashion favorites and this new find from Sara Dresses has already won her heart... and mine too!

I have the feeling that this little princess dress will be worn a lot this summer between all the parties, events, dinners and weddings we are planning on attending as a family. 

Sara Dresses offers a great selection of stunning formal dresses for little girls of all ages (from toddler to early teen). They are expertly crafted from quality fabrics and have a comfortable fit - an absolute must when it comes to dresses meant for children who are known for flat out refusing to wear things that are too tight, too stiff or too much unlike a comfy pajama.  

The Aria Dress (in "platinum") Cherie is wearing in these pictures almost looks like a mini wedding dress, especially with the (faux) button closure in the back and the beautiful lace and pearl decorations, but it was a breeze to put on thanks to its comfortable fit and easy zip. 

It is actually on sale now, costing €39.60 instead of €71.62 and, for those of you who live in Europe - I did not have to pay customs fees on it (I'm not sure you won't need to either, just fyi). They have a lot of other styles on sale as well at a super budget friendly price, so be sure to visit them and stock up on beautiful children's dresses now, in time for the summer party season!

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