Thursday, May 3, 2018

Sheec and Comfortable - The Ultimate No-Show Sock

Sometimes we get so used to being uncomfortable that we just accept it as normal and don't even think about alternatives. Like, we just accept that when we wear heels or ballet flats we are somewhat uncomfortable all day because most shoes will rub, chafe or otherwise torture your feet in one way or another, and when we are not wearing tights (which is about 6 months out of 12), we just suffer in silence.

Thankfully, there are people out there who do the thinking for us and invent stuff that makes our lives easier, better and more comfortable. 

Sheec is a New York City-based sock brand that created a new kind of no-show sock for women that is designed to be worn with low cut shoes like flats and heels. It is completely invisible in your shoes and is made using patented technology to increase comfort and prevent slippage. It is called the SoleHugger Secret 2,0 and not only is it invisible, but it also stays in place all day - something I always struggle with while wearing no-show socks. 

They just came off a successful Kickstarter campaign, and you can still join the hundreds of women who are signed up to get these socks FIRST by pre-ordering them on Indiegogo! Get them for this summer. You will need them for all those stylish pumps, ballet flats and moccasins we all can't live without during the warmer months.  

The socks are currently available in two colors (cream and black) and three sizes to make sure that they fit all women's feet between US shoe sizes 5-12 (Euro 35-43 | UK 3-10). They have silicone grips at the toe AND the heel to prevent slippage (a godsend) and the silicone at the sole helps prevent slippage inside the shoe - another common problem. The sole is made of cotton for sweat absorption and the rest of the sock is made of a durable nylon to enhance wear and fit.

Finally, we have a solution that will make wearing those patent leather heels and tough leather ballet flats (we all have a pair, it can't be just me) a lot more pleasant!

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