Thursday, May 10, 2018

Summer Style with Feyton

Leather shorts

While winter is the season for donning layered outfits, experimenting with textures and tons of accessories, summer is the perfect time to show off your style without the weather interfering - and to flaunt that gym body you've been working so hard for.

If you love fashion, you are probably already preparing your wardrobe for all the exciting events summer brings - vacations, parties, sightseeing, open air lunches, or even just days spent at work or meeting up with friends that become magical in this season.

Red and black plaid blouse

is a new online store that is dedicated to selling outstanding casual outfits - because every day deserves to be lived as if it was special. They offer upgraded versions of everyday looks that are as fashionable as anything you would see on a designer runway.

High waist zippered black mini leather skirt

Vintage-inspired dress

Embroidered leather jacket

With that being said, Feyton would never advocate for wearing uncomfortable clothes just for the sake of fashion, because they firmly believe (as do I) that you can only feel confident and look stylish in clothes that are comfortable.

Elegant army green jumpsuit

You will not find anything that is average or boring at Feyton. They expertly curate their assortment to only include products worthy of a fashion icon - think "off-duty model", "eccentric artist" or "too cool for school" kind of looks that will make you the center of attention, in all the good ways.

Pearl decorated two-piece set

Plaid crop top and pencil skirt

Check out their leather jackets, pants and skirts for a high-end "superstar" look, browse their selection of fashion-forward shirts and blouses to give your casual looks a modern makeover and take a look at their flattering and stylish jumpsuits. You will love them!

Striped turtleneck sweater

Feyton makes it their goal to present authentic content about their products to help you make the best choice and give you styling tips so you can be sure to only purchase items you will wear and love.

Mid waist denim jeans

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