Saturday, May 12, 2018

White Shirt-Dress

Is it a dress? Is it a shirt? I don't know, but I love it! 

This is seriously the most elegant casual outfit I've worn in a long time, but it is also really comfortable and effortless.

I love me a crisp white shirt when it's hot outside but I'm also a huge fan of long flowing dresses, and this here is the best of both worlds. Taking the white shirt and black jeans combo to a new level!

Shirt: Rosegal
Jeans: Rosegal
Flats: Anna Field

Shop at Rosegal and use the coupon code RosegalChen to get 10% off your order!


The eyes are a window to the soul - and our most important facial feature. We use a million different products to make them look prettier, but there is one secret weapon that I bet most of you never even thought about: colored contact lenses. is an online store that carries some of the most beautiful lenses, in all shades of green, grey, blue and brown. Go as natural or as crazy as you want and take advantage of their big sale - buy 2 pairs and get 10$ off your purchase!

Bikini trends are so much fun this season that it's hard not to get all of them! Visit CooSummer and shop their amazing selection of fashionable swimsuits in time for the beach season! Their bikinis are vibrant and sexy and their one-piece suits are everything but old-fashioned with their seductive cut-outs, ruffle details and hypnotic prints. Be sure to check out their collection of cover ups and round shaped mandala tapestry beach towels to always be stylish on your summer getaways!

"His and hers" outfits are not only a fun way to make a fashion statement, but also a means to show the world how much you care for each other. These matching couples' sweatshirts by Thunder Youth will keep you and your loved one warm, while also telling everyone that you two belong together. Wear them with a pair of distresses jeans and printed sneakers for the ultimate streetwear look for The King and His Queen. Thunder Youth offers free worldwide shipping!

Summer is here and it's time to add a few sparkly new additions to your jewelry collection to accessorize your trendy looks! Check out New Trends Jewelry and shop their vast selection - they have every style you can think of, from bon ton pearls to bohemian leather bracelets, from delicate layered necklaces to faux amber jewelry sets. And now they are offering their 7 Chakras Lava Bead Reiki Bracelets (pictured above right) for free, you only have to pay for shipping!

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