Thursday, June 21, 2018

Designer Wedding Bands by P. Manoukian

Wedding bands are not typically thought of as the kind of jewelry that leave a lot of room for creativity. Most of them, including my own, are simple gold rings... but who said it has to be this way? Why can't we have more fun with the one piece of jewelry we will probably be wearing every day for the rest of our lives?

Penyamin Manoukian, the creative mind and expert hands behind his eponymous luxury jewelry label, has found a way to make wedding bands that are not only beautiful, stylish and durable, but also modern, colorful and pack a lot of personality. 

P. Manoukian wedding bands are made of tungsten carbide, a hypoallergenic metal that is twice as strong as steel. All of their rings are unisex and designed for comfortable wear, which is very important, especially for men who are not as used to wearing rings as we girls are. They come in innovative color combinations like red and gold, rose gold and silver, or blue and dark grey. They give you a chance to express your personality and add a touch of color where one would least expect it. 

Penyamin Manoukian learned his craft at the young age of 15 and gradually honed his skills to become the expert luxury jewelry designer he is today. In 2013, with his visionary Chroma Color, Midnight Rose and Celestial Bloom Collections he revolutionized the concept of wedding bands.

Check out the Beautiful Custom tungsten carbide, Comfort fit rings by Designer P.Manoukian. They are playful, sexy, modern, these bands are durable, attainable, personalized and guaranteed for life

The brand has just launched its new and improved website, endowed with tremendous contents, fast navigation tools, impeccable design, user-friendly structure, and so much more. Visit it today and choose your favorite design for you and your partner!

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