Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Limited Edition T-Shirts by Sundrie.se

The luxury of a high quality T-shirt is something we only come to appreciate once we try one on. The soft fabric, the great fit and the long-lasting quality make it well worth the investment and lend even our most casual outfits that coveted laid back cool look that we usually see on rock stars and off-duty models.

If you like to dress comfortably and casually, but are still looking for clothing that is unique and fashionable, you will love the concept of Sundrie, an innovative fashion brand based in Sweden.

Their designs are not timeless: they are created for the here and the now, for those who keep their fingers on the pulse of the zeitgeist. What makes their products exclusive is that they create only 1 (!) design each year that is available in only 500 copies. Once they are gone, they are gone forever and you will not be able to buy one again, ever. The year after a different design will be produced, again in 500 copies, and the cycle repeats itself.

This year's design is the graphic T-shirt you see in the pictures. It was inspired by the North, its traditions and mythology, rooted in the culture of the brand's founders who were born and raised on the Island of Gotland, Sweden. Every shirt is made to order for your precise measurements, hand sewn, individually marked and signed by the designers to ensure quality and authenticity. It comes in two different versions: loose fit and tight fit.

We are living in a world ruled by fast fashion, so it is refreshing to come across a brand that puts this much care and love into what they do. Sundrie designs are produced in Sweden, but are already well on the track to international success and gaining fame in Japan, of all countries. 

Get your hands on their limited edition tees before they run out!

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