Sunday, June 17, 2018

Luxury Resortwear by Indigo Paisley

Summer is a time of happiness and freedom, light breezes and endless roads that lead to unknown destinations. Our adventures awaken a wide-eyed curiosity and a will to explore the world around us as well as our own thoughts and feelings.

The clothes we take with us on our journey are a reflection of our inner selves and emotions. They show the world who we are and influence the way we feel about ourselves. They are our way of telling the world: “This is who I am.”   

If you are a free-spirited woman, a restless traveler and a creative soul, if you are passionate about art and culture, you will love Indigo Paisley.

Indigo Paisley is a luxury resortwear brand that was born out of the designer Sonali’s journey through diverse cultures.

Sonali, the designer behind the brand made it her goal to create beautiful clothes for women who are creative, independent and appreciate the luxury of fine fashion.

Indigo Paisley designs are made of natural fabrics that feel fresh and luxurious against your skin in the summer, and are rooted in traditional textile arts and ornamentation techniques that have been passed down generations. At the same time, they will fit perfectly into a modern woman’s wardrobe thanks to their refined contemporary aesthetic.

These are the clothes you will want to wear to an exclusive beach club in the South of Italy, a cruise in the Caribbean or a white sandy private beach in the Pacific. Enjoy the way they sway in the wind and gently move with every step you take.

Sonali made it her mission to create something unique and meaningful, something that will put a happy smile on a woman’s face whenever she wears it. Indigio Paisley is her dream come true and the result of her hard work and beautiful vision. It is a perfect fusion of bohemian creativity and exclusive elegance.

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