Saturday, June 30, 2018

Shop at MyWow and Collect Free GOLD!

If you live your life as if it was a red carpet and rock the sidewalk as it was a runway, you will love MyWow, an online boutique that brings you an amazing selection of the most glamorous latest fashions.

They have everything from the most stunning superstar-worthy evening gowns √† la Jennifer Lopez, to stylishly demure 50s style lace dresses that you'll want to wear to meet your new boyfriend's parents. 

If you are in the midst of packing your suitcases for a long-awaited summer vacation and are still missing a few crucial pieces that would you make the star of whatever seaside resort you are headed to, in this store you will find everything you need to complete your summer wardrobe.
MyWow loves their clients! They don't just want to make sales - they believe their customers deserve a return on the money they spend. Which is why they reward every new customer with.... GOLD!

Yes, you heard that right! Every new customer who places an order in the store and subscribes to their mailing list will receive a thank you card of 0.1 gram of 24 karat gold - a 99.9% gold bullion as a small token of appreciation, which will be sent in the post. 

Every client also gets a referral number only assigned to them - this can then be referred to friends and acquaintances, and these friends can check out the store using this reference. The friend will also get an 0.1gram gold bullion on first order and the people they refer will also get another gold bar, and so on! 

The subscription is for fortnightly emails of updates, fashion news and monthly raffles. Every quarter one lucky winner gets 1 whole gram of gold.

Shop MyWow, join the #wearegolden movement and start growing your golden dreams - one little bar at a time!

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