Saturday, July 28, 2018

City Chic by Crow Urban

When it comes to fashion, great design is something that makes you feel truly yourself. Whether it is a pair of jeans, a party dress or a printed tee, you know it is good when it makes you want to live your best life, put yourself out there and conquer the world.

If you are looking for a cool, laid back fashion brand that could give you that feeling, try Crow Urban. They offer a great selection of the latest fashion trends, including tees, hoodies, hats, sweatsuits, sneakers and more. This is urban wear at its finest: one part sexy, one part sporty and one part off-duty model. A pretty awesome combination, if you ask me!

Their collection of Crow Urban logo printed merchandise is perfect for the modern minimalist who wants to look cool.... but in an effortless, laid back kind of way. The variety of colors they offer  for each design guarantees that they will go with almost anything in your existing wardrobe and the crow logo will add a touch of street style chic to your look. 

Crow Urban is a brand for young city dwellers: college students, freelancers, creative professionals, aspiring musicians, digital nomads and all those who like to wear relaxed but fashionable clothing. They actually have everything you need to put together a complete outfit, including tops, bottoms, shoes, hats and other accessories. Have fun with mixing and matching their designs and then add a pair of brand name sneakers (also available in the store) to complete your look!

Crow Urban makes it their goal to help Veterans from every country (fighting issues ranging from Chronic pain to PTSD). They also offer a 10% off Military discount, so make sure to grab your code if you qualify!

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