Monday, July 2, 2018

Key to Learning Italian

This year - and this month, actually - marks 10 years since I came to live in Italy. It's crazy how this decade has flown by and how many amazing, incredible things have happened to me in these years.

When I first arrived in Florence I didn't speak much Italian, apart from a few standard phrases. After all, I spoke pretty good English and I wasn't planning on staying anyway. Well, we all know how that turned out haha. I met my husband and ended up not going back home. During our first year together we only spoke English to each other, but in the meanwhile I was listening to him talking to other people and slowly picking up the language. After about a year we switched to Italian and I was fluent.

However, not everyone who wants to learn Italian is as lucky as I am. If you want to learn this beautiful language - the language of culture, food, fashion and music - and can't live in Italy for an entire year to pick it up naturally, you are going to need some good books that will teach you the basics and then gradually grow your knowledge. 

If you are searching for the best material to learn Italian from, check out this series of four e-books, which are prepared for the English speaking audience and which contain the key tips for learning Italian language & grammar followed by many clickable exercises, authentic texts and dialogs of which there are 2D videos on their Youtube channel and many more... Key to Learning Italian is what you are looking for. Find your copy HERE!

Can't wait to share with you the secrets of this amazing language!

Follow them on Instagram @keytolearningitalian and subscribe to their Youtube channel for a more complete learning experience!

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