Saturday, August 10, 2013

Battling the Heat in Linen

Florence welcomed me with scorching heat and deserted streets. People packed their children, dogs and picnic baskets into their cars and escaped to the beach or the mountains, or wherever else the temperatures are more tolerable. Life is on pause.

Today I battled the heat in my trusty linen dress that I've had for ages. I love it, because it keeps me cool in the summer, it's casual and elegant at the same time, and it's really fun to accessorize, but it has one backdraw: it wrinkles just from looking at it. I guess that's what you call compromise...

In this kind of heat I had no choice but to go makeup-free - it would melt and run all the way down my face in about 10 minutes, so the only thing I used on my face for these pictures is a compact powder (Diorskin Forever) to matten my skin. On my hair I used my new favorite, Not Your Mother's Beach Babe texturizing cream. It does wonders to my boring straight hair (and this is not an advertisement, so you better believe me).

Dress: Mango
Shoes: BCBGirls
Necklace: Guess

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