Monday, February 17, 2014

Hot Pink for a Lunch at the Beach

This is the outfit I wore for a Sunday lunch with the in-laws in Forte dei Marmi. Actually I could have dressed up a little more, but it was one of those (few) days when I didn't really want to... so I just relied on the color of my sweater and the jewelry to add some interest to this sporty weekend look.

Speaking of which...I used to have strict principles regarding wearing costume jewelry with fine jewelry, it was always either one or the other. Recently though I've been getting quite a kick out of mixing the two, like I did today, wearing my heritage diamond and ruby ring with some huge fake bling in my ears, and a ruby bracelet matched with a glass and plastic bead one... Now I actually think it's more fun this way. What do you guys think?

Questo è l'outfit che ho indossato per il pranzo di domenica a Forte dei Marmi con i suoceri. Avrei anche potuto vestirmi in una maniera un pò più bon ton, ma oggi era una di quelle rare giornate quando semplicemente non mi andava... quindi ho indossato questo maglioncino rosa shocking e un pò di gioielli per ravvivare un pò questo look così sportivo.

Parlando di gioielli...prima non avrei mai indossato dei gioielli "veri" insieme a dei bijoux, sceglievo sempre o uno o l'altro. Recentemente però la mia opinione è cambiata e mi diverto molto a mischiarli come ho fatto anche oggi: ho indossato il mio anello con rubini e diamanti insieme a degli enormi orecchini finti, un bracciali di rubini con uno in vetro e plastica... Ora penso che sia più divertente così. Voi cosa ne pensate?

Sweater / maglione: New Look
Pants / pantaloni: Izabel
Sneakers / scarpe: Prada
Cap / cappello: Baghera
Clutch: vintage


  1. Muy guapa. El look muy comodo y el paisaje alucinante. Tu anillo ♡

    Te espero en unas horas por mi new post :D

    Un beso

  2. Wonderful and cosy outfit. I wish I could spend some time at the beach. As for mixing the jewellery... Well, if the result looks good, then why not? x

  3. Il gattone è meraviglioso :D E il tuo outfit, manco a dirlo, anche! :) baci!

    Nuovo post su:

  4. such lovely photos, i would love to be at the beach right now :)

  5. Looking gorgeous dear.x I absolutely love your outfit, pink looks amazing on you! I love how the jewellery makes the outfit look much more sophisticated. Have a lovely week!

  6. sei splendida anche con questo casual e coloratissimo look

  7. È un outfit semplic, ma molto chic!!
    Un abbraccio!!

  8. Your sweater is the most glorious colour, Anett...perfect for brightening up a grey (but still beautiful!) day at the beach!! And I LOVE the ring; did you inherit it, or were you lucky enough to find it at an estate sale somewhere?? I don't have a lot of fine jewellery to speak off - with the exception of my wedding rings, of course - but I say mix with abandon!! Nobody but you needs to know that some of it isn't "real!!"

    1. Well, my mother-in-law has no daughters, so.... :D It was a gift from her :)

  9. Semplice e raffinato insieme, adoro il rosa in tutte le sue tonalità, e poi dietro appare il mare, che meraviglia! Bel post, baci Angelichic

  10. Followed back, honey! Love your blog, too!
    Lovely style by the way. Pink is always amazing!

  11. È che tu sei così bella Anett che anche il look piu semplice diventa bello..
    E poi con questo tono di rosa stai cosi bene..Amore il micio

  12. Semplice e bellissima!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kisses and happy new week!!!

  13. bello il look, tu ed il gatto!!!! :)
    un bacio!

    My Blog ♥

  14. Lovely post dear! I always read Vogue as well :) thank you for dropping by on my blog, I'm now following you via Bloglovin' :) hope you'll follow back ;)
    Red Velvet

  15. I think there are DEFINITELY some days and occasions in which it is OK to maybe not dress up a lot. The biggest one I can think of is traveling... I always am dressing down on travel days. I must commend you look quite polished for not wanting to be :)

  16. eh sì ci sono quei giorni in cui solo la tu stai cmq molto bene!

  17. Carina la clutch :)
    Bel blog! Ti seguo :)

  18. i know some days are just like that, casual is also great!
    you look so nice! love the sea!

  19. Bellissimi i tuoi scatti! Davvero meravigliosa

  20. mi piace il tuo blog,bella tu e adoro i gatti
    ti aspetto

  21. You look good on pink!

  22. This is such a cute and cozy look! I’d love for us to keep in touch via bloglovin’, GFC, or Instagram! Let me know on my blog, I’ll be sure to follow back!

    s a r t o r i a l d i n e r
    Instagram @ sartorialdiner

  23. Bella bella bella!!! Il colore del maglione poi... è adorabile.
    Un bacione tesoro
    The Indian Savage diary

  24. So chic! I so love this post. Have a happy weekend!

    Glitter DailyBeauty Blog

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  25. How cute are you?! Loving this cooler beach wear attire! :)
    xo TJ

  26. Um, you are adorable with a braid! Cute ring too : )

    x, Mary


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