Monday, January 25, 2016

Hello Everyone, I'm Back

Hey guys! I guess I stretched my "maternity leave" a little longer than I expected. My baby girl is two months old now and it's has been the craziest but also the most beautiful two months of my life. I've been trying to keep things as normal as possible - I get out of the house every day, even if it's just to get coffee, I still don't wear sweatpants outside, no matter how exhausted/lazy I feel, I'm pretty diligent in maintaining a manicure (because there's nothing that says "deterioration" more than chipped nail polish) and I still bake cakes occasionally, just to remind myself that I'm still capable of much more than just changing diapers. But I would be a big fat liar if I told you that not much has changed since I had my baby, because it pretty much turned my life upside down... but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Generally, I'm a girl who likes to think she has her life together. I moved from Hungary to Italy when I was just 19 years old and got married at 21. In these past few years I travelled a lot, I moved houses several times, I've learnt to cook, to speak Italian and to be in a marriage (which is definitely not an innate skill, you guys) and so many other things I would have never thought I would be able to do, like producing short films or living out of a suitcase for 3 months at a time. But nothing prepared me for caring for a wonderful tiny human being who depends on me for literally everything 24/7. 

My schedule pretty much revolves around her needs, but since she does me the favor of actually sleeping at night (a miracle, from what I've gathered), I don't really mind going to bed at 10 pm instead of 3 am, so I can sleep a decent stretch of time while she sleeps. Also, I spend most of my time feeding her, since I'm determined to exclusively breastfeed, even if the pain borders on unbearable on some days. I haven't managed to get myself to the gym yet, because who wants to sweat on the elliptical when you can sit on the couch eating cake "because you need 500 extra calories a day to breastfeed". But all things aside, having my daughter is most amazing thing that has ever happened to me and I'm so grateful for every moment I get to spend with her - as cliché as that might sound.

As far as fashion is concerned, my new style can best be described as "50 shades of black". Because ain't nobody got time for matching different colors... But this blog might just be the motivation I need to get back to dressing like a normal person. I hope you bare with me through this crazy and wonderful phase of my life. 

Have a great week my friends and see you in a few days!


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