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Become a Beauty Expert!

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The Secret to making an organic skincare product work is knowing the right ingredients to use for a particular product, and not just that, but also knowing the right quantity of each ingredient to use in each recipe, as well as the right timing in the production process. 

That is how the Organic Skincare Training can help you: by giving you secrets to organic skincare success and detailed recipes which include the ingredients, exact quantities of the ingredients, and step by step instructions on how to make your perfect organic skincare product from scratch!

 You can confidently start your own organic skincare business with this training and BE YOUR OWN BOSS!
There are three packages: The Basics Package, The Whitening Package, The Solutions Package and The Ultimate Package.

THE BASICS PACKAGE: Do you just want to learn the basics of skincare? Moisturizing products, exfoliating products, glowing skin products, essential skincare? Then this package is for you. Learn how to make 30 organic skincare products with this package.

THE WHITENING PACKAGE: This is used for skin whitening, lightening and toning, meant for people who are white or light skinned, but lost their color due to environmental or other factors, or simply just want to maintain their skin color flawlessly. Also meant for people suffering from skin discoloration, sun tan etc. Learn how to make 16 organic skincare products with this package.

THE SOLUTIONS PACKAGE: This is all about skin solutions. Healing, treatment and growth (hair). If this is your goal, then this package is for you! Learn how to make 18 organic skincare products with this package.

THE ULTIMATE PACKAGE: If you want to grab 'em all, then get this package. This includes the basics package, the solutions package and the whitening package at a reduced price.




•  1/2 cut lemon
•  1 teaspoon sulphur powder (optional)
•  1 teaspoon honey
•  A black soap
•  3 teaspoons sweet almond oil
•  3 teaspoons glycerin
•  3 teaspoons vitamin E oil
•  1/2 cup olive oil
•  3 teaspoons potash
•  1 teaspoon camwood powder (optional)

•  Crush or pound the black soap in a bowl or mortar, with a hard object or a pestle. 
•  Add the lemon juice by squeezing in the lemon. Add the honey too, and mix with your hand, the hard object, pestle or any other desirable method.
•  Add the camwood powder, olive oil, sulphur powder, glycerin and potash. Mix very well.
•  Add the coconut oil and almond oil and mix very well.
•  Your exfoliating black soap is now ready to use!

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  1. Looks great!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  2. Wow nice recipe, I need to try.




  3. Black soap, sounds good!
    I may have to try in on the weekend.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Vanessa x


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