Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cyrca Originals Custom-Designed T-Shirts

Cyrca Originals is a clothing brand founded by two young designers, Viola and Patrick. They create custom T-shirts for people from all backgrounds and ages, inspired by the styles that they themselves would love to wear. That, for me, is a winning thought process: I love it, so I will make it for myself and for other people who have similar tastes.

Their signature aesthetic is both minimalist and artistic. The plain background of the T-shirts is the perfect canvas for their creative designs that range from classic chic to edgy and modern to sweet and girly.

Patrick, who personally designs most of the T-shirts, told me about his thought process:

" Either I have a vague idea in my mind such as "I would love to have a stylized Samurai design on a shirt" or come across something I do like, yet believe can be either improved or made cooler by abstraction when I browse shops. Oftentimes the process takes a lot of experimentation since not all designs that look good on paper will suit well on a shirt."
His favorite looks include vibrant colors on dark shirts and silhouette-style designs on lighter backgrounds. One of his signature styles is a pink to cyan gradient effect:

Some of the designs are made by artists the couple personally know and love, which makes the brand that much cooler: what's more awesome that artists supporting artists?

They are continuously adding new designs to their line. In the nearest future they are planning to introduce a collection of vintage style shirts with typography-designs as well as more hand drawn designs created by them and their artist friends.

The line can be found on Amazon where they sell them via the Merch program.

Warning: All shirts will be found under Cyrca Originals on Amazon, if a shirt does not have the Cyrca Originals logo, it's a counterfeit. 

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  1. Really cool shirts.
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  2. Ma sono bellissime!!! E soprattutto originali!
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  3. I loved the idea of custom t shirts, they look great.

  4. Oh very cute picks darling!

  5. These designs are really cute! x

  6. Really awesome idea and designs. My favorite is the one of the silhouette bird.

  7. wow i love it

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  9. very nice!
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  10. Fun shirts!

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  14. so cute

  15. Their designs are so cool! i love the hologram one!

  16. These designs are great and I wouldn't mind having one for myself...

    Wishing you a great weekend girl...

  17. che belle queste maglie, io adoro avere le cose personalizzate

  18. Love that these are custom designs ;) Thanks for sharing, Annett! :)


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