Monday, February 13, 2017

Fashion Brands to Watch

Welcome back to my series of posts dedicated to fascinating fashion brands and talented designers. This month I choose some really interesting ones that I'm sure you will love. Read on to find out who they are!


Kekkai is a collaborative project between two Greek sisters living separately in New York and London. They make beautiful silk and cashmere scarves out of the highest quality Italian fabrics and at a price that won't break the budget. Their designs are created through a process-driven artistic practice that explores the overlap between digital and analogue techniques of pattern making and the results are nothing short of fabulous. Also, they are running a clearance sale right now so hurry and check it out, because there are only a few pieces left! Pictured: "Pomegranate Solstice" and "Ancient Reflections" scarves.

Lina Diamantopoulou Fanouraki has been designing stunning fine jewellery for Fanourakis, a historical Greek jewellery company for the past 30 years, creating pieces that transcend the logic of vanity and talk straight to the heart. Her use of unique textures and contrasts, sparkly diamonds and rustic-looking surfaces, elegance and humour makes her jewellery what it is: a beautiful  expression of the joy of life. Fanourakis has been in business for one hundred and fifty years and while it keeps building on its rich history and beautiful tradition, it definitely has everything it takes to continue creating "forever" pieces for us and future generations.

Most little (and not so little) girls dream of becoming princesses and nobody knows that better than Allison Pritchard, mum of two and the designer behind UK-based hair accessory brand Apryl&Rose. Her metal headbands, that come in a variety of colors and styles, look like a cross between princess tiaras and fairy crowns, and that is a pretty cool mix, if you ask me. They are also beautifully made, embellished with fun little details like the starfish on the Atlanta headband (above) or the rose gold leaves on the Autumn model (see here). Apryl&Rose headbands will also look beautiful on brides and bridesmaids. Follow them on Facebook so you don't miss any updates on their new items and collections! Worldwide shipping available.

Casualbox has been making hats in Osaka, Japan for about 20 years. Their creations are part of a cultural mix between eastern and western design. They aim to make casual, trendy and practical pieces, unlike other brands that make either highly decorative hats or ones that are limited to just sports use. If you take a look around their website, you will see that their designs reflect an urban style that is trendy and modern, but also super versatile and practical. The go-to place for your everyday hats! Per acquistare i prodotti dall'Italia visitate il loro negozio Amazon italiano. 

Christina Soubli is a fine jewellery artist based in Athens, Greece. Her vision is to create impeccably crafted unique jewellery pieces that enhance women's femininity. During her studies at Central Saint Martin's she experimented a lot with different materials, shapes and techniques, which led her to the idea of interpreting classical forms in new, unconventional ways. She uses her signature filigree technique in most of her collections - all of them lush and feminine, inspired by a different mood, story or experience that triggered her creativity. Pictured is her Love Letter Pendant, made of a hand carved turquoise and 22kt gold leaf on a 18kt gold chain.


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  3. Such a nice fashion brand to shop! Thanks for sharing!

  4. mi hai dato delle bellissime idee, una ventata di novità, terrò d'occhio!
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  5. Love the scarfs!
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  6. I love the scarfs!

  7. I really like the Casualbox design. I always love to see traditional and folklore influences in fashion.

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  13. Lovely brand introductions! The Apryl & Rose headbands are really pretty, especially the gold starfish design :)

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