Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fashion Finds That Will Bring You Joy + GIVEAWAY

As I might have mentioned before, I'm trying to embrace a minimalist lifestyle - not absolute, bare to the bone minimalism, just in the sense that I'm trying to get rid of clutter and things I could easily do without. This also means that when I think about buying something, I ask myself whether it is something that will be useful to me and if not, whether it brings me joy. With these criteria in mind I put together a selection of fabulous fashion finds that would be a great addition to even the most minimal of wardrobes.
I also have a surprise giveaway for you at the end of the post, so read on! :)

Cork bag by Le Suri

LE SURI is an innovative handbag label creating beautiful handbags made from 100 % cork that redefine sustainable fashion in a unique, chic and contemporary way. Their handbags are made of the highest quality organically grown cork and are among the coolest statement accessories you'll find. Some models (like the one above) are a perfect complement to your sleekest office looks, others will be your trusty companions on country getaways and weekend adventures

Use the code BELLAPUMMAROLA to get 10% off their entire collection!

Lip earring by Kozminka

Kozminka Jewelry is a New York-based brand founded by Russian contemporary jewelry artist Katya Kozmina. She hand crafts all of her jewelry using traditional artisan techniques, infusing it with her personal energy. 

All Kozminka pieces are created using fair-mined gold and silver as well as gemstones that have a low impact on the environment. Katya's new collection called Senses is comprised of hand-carved mini sculptures of an eye, an ear, a nose, lips and a hand, representing the human senses. Her designs are minimal, but high impact and are meant to make a bold statement. Love this black lip earring, so beautifully made and original!

One-piece swimsuit by Kibys
Kibys is a lingerie and swimwear brand from Colombia known for their very romantic and feminine designs. They work with the best quality fabric and laces for intimates and they care a lot about the fit and silhouettes to guarantee that every type of women with any type of body can fit into one of their products. I absolutely love this hot pink swimsuit because I think one-pieces are the classiest type of swimwear and there's so much more room for experimentation as far as design and cut-outs go. Also, this stunning colour really makes it stand out. What do you guys think?

Penguin's Lament scarf by Medley Creations
Medley Creations is a UK-based artistic fashion house, focused on creating wearable art made from the finest textile materials. Their hand drawn designs and hand woven fabrics make each of their scarves and sarongs truly unique and all of their pieces are made to stand the test of time. I love their artistic designs and this penguin scarf is my favourite. This is the description of the scarf, just so you can appreciate how the concept and design go hand in hand:
“Caitlin and Rebecca respond to their emails”
The Penguin's lament scarf is part of the The Bird collection which represents our desires to be different, independent, beautiful, and to soar free above the world looking down at all its beauty and ugliness. The designs are compositions combining different shapes, structures and patterns as well as written text and graffiti.
This scarf is handcrafted during every process from the design and weaving of the fabric to the printing and finishing.

hundred wunders is a truly one-of-a-kind brand that gives photographic art a new platform to shine: fashion items we wear or use every day. Their products include leggings, dresses and scarves that are printed with beautiful photographs of urban environments, as well as gender-friendly baby clothing, accessories, handmade soaps, and leather goods. Their leggings use these images in a unique way to contour the body and create designs that from afar look like artfully created abstract prints. A beautiful fusion of fashion and photography!
Peas in a pod necklace by Argent of London

This beautiful hand made Argent of London pendant made of original pearls in a silver peapod is definitely a joy to look at. I've never seen a similar design and I think it's so clever and pretty! (Oh, and it was also worn by Pippa Middleton!) 

Argent of London is a brand that offers 'affordable luxury' to its customers, by creating high quality pieces that are stylish and contemporary, but also timeless and elegant.

Now you can win a silver 3 peas in a pod pendant (just like the one in the picture)!

To enter the GIVEAWAY:
The winner will be chosen randomly from all the entries.

Closing date: 31 March

Also, you can get 15% off the entire collection with the code BELLAPUMMAROLA!


  1. Fashion should always bring you joy! It's always fun to experiment trying different styles, trends, colours and play with unique fabrics too.

    Laura xo

  2. lovely bag!


  3. Such a pretty and unique piece

  4. Great giveaway!
    I really love the bag.
    Simera |Beautetude

  5. Great giveaway, I love the last pendant, it's so chic :)

    Have a lovely afternoon dear,

  6. che bella la borsa!!

    blog: www.fashi0n-m0de.blogspot.it
    youtube: https://www.youtube.com/enricasciarretta-fashionmode

  7. Partecipo al Giveaway bellissima :)

  8. That is such a beautiful necklace... I too have been working on minimizing too... For the past 6 to 8 months I have been taking the opportunity to rid myself of things that are not important... I hope you are doing well Anett... have a lovely week xox

  9. Are you sure this giveaway is on now? I could find no mention of it except for the following: Email your entries to info@argentlondon.com with PEAPOD COMPETITION in the subject line. The deadline for entries is Friday 16th August 2013.

    1. Hi Eliza, I'm not sure where you found that. The conditions of the giveaway are at the end of the blog post we are commenting on now. It closes on March 31, 2017.

  10. Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  11. Thank you so much for the chance email send

  12. Thank you so very much for hosting this event, the necklace is so adorable... ��


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