Monday, May 8, 2017

Designer Jumpsuits by Kotyto Style Lab

The beauty of urban fashion lies in its simplicity and undeniable coolness factor. It is supposed to make us feel comfortable and confident when we stroll the city streets, navigating our way through the crowd. To make us feel strong and smart when we set out to get a thousand things done in a day. To make us look stylish when we didn't even have time to have breakfast.

If there ever was a brand that perfectly represents the concept of urban fashion, Kotyto Style Lab is it. With their minimalist but high impact designs, they offer a way of dressing that is effortless yet ultra-fashionable. However, you don't have to be daring to wear these extravagant designs - the clothes themselves will make you feel brave and confident.

Their color palette is mainly monochrome with lots of black and just a few splashes of vibrant color here and there. Do I even have to mention why we should all love black? It is forgiving and stylish and it looks expensive. It's comfortable and timeless. It goes with everything. But any good fashion designer knows that black looks its best when shaped into  dramatic drapes, playful folds and showstopping volumes - which is exactly what Kotyto Style Lab does.

The main pillar of the brand is their collection of stunning jumpsuits. They are all super comfortable and incredibly stylish designs that you can wear to a variety of occasions, from work to weekends to special events. They are beautifully made and will make you look and feel comfortable in you own skin. They are available in white, black, grey, black and white stripes and military. Overalls are one of the easiest outfit options one can think of - easy styling and comfort! - and with Kotyto's designs, they are one of the most stylish as well!

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