Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My Favourite German Fashion Blogs

One of the most fun parts of being a blogger is following other blogs and getting to know people with the same interests and passions as me. I love reading other fashion bloggers' posts and seeing their outfits - they inspire me and give me fresh ideas on a daily basis.

We are fortunate to live in a world that is virtually without boundaries. Ideas and thoughts flow across borders, fashion trends spread and morph through countries and continents and that's a wondrous thing. 

Today I wanted to share with you my most favourite German fashion blogs. They are written by wonderful, stylish women who have much more to show the world than just their (gorgeous) looks.

Here goes.

Lina Mallon's "life and style diary" is an inspiring collection of effortlessly cool outfit posts, amazing interior design inspiration, original cocktail recipes, musings about about life, and more. Paired with excellent photography skills and a unique aesthetic, this blog is a go-to if you're looking to make your life and home a little more stylish and curated.

2. Melissa's Fashion Blog

With her perfect hourglass silhouette, blonde hair and beautiful features Melissa of Rose of Fashion reminds me of a 50's diva. Her style, of course, is fittingly impeccable: lots of white and pretty pastels, great wardrobe staples combined with interesting shapes and details and always flawless makeup. She looks perfectly pulled together in whatever she wears and that's something we can all learn from her. Follow her for all your polished outfit inspiration needs!

3. Sugarpop Fashion

Stella of Sugarpop Fashion is a chameleon who looks good in any style (and with any hair colour). She has a lot of passion and talent when it comes to fashion and styling and her work is a delightful collection of tasteful, imaginative and romantic looks. If you are looking for outfits that are out of the ordinary, but still perfect for every day, she is your girl! 

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