Friday, May 19, 2017

Weekly Highlight: Crystal Moon Designs

I'm a firm believer that jewelry needs to have soul. You can just tell when something is made with love and care and it feels nice to wear a piece of jewelry knowing that the person who made it put a lot of thought and skill into creating it. So, if you are looking for beautiful accessories that are also meaningful and fun, visit Crystal Moon Designs on Etsy and you won't be disappointed.

Crystal Moon Keener grew up on the shores of lake Erie and created her first pieces of jewelry from her collection of beach glass. It has been an instant success with her friends and now she makes jewelry for a living, creating one-of-a-kind pieces out of beach glass, driftwood and found and forgotten objects. 

There is something romantic about giving new life to things that have a history that I really like about Crystal's work. This, as well as her excellent craftsmanship, is what makes her work truly outstanding. 

Crystal continues to use beach objects in her designs, but she has also added gemstone jewelry to her collection, using stones like turquoise, labradorite and coral. Check out her shop on Etsy!


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