Friday, July 7, 2017

Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity

Updating your bathroom vanity is one of the most significant changes that you can make to a bathroom during a remodel. Bathroom vanities come in many styles. Do you want a minimalist modern bathroom vanity, a double sink vanity, or a classic white vanity set? As a centerpiece of your bathroom, choosing your new vanity set is an important decision. Thankfully, Maykke has a full line of bathroom vanities, bathroom cabinets, and fixtures for you to consider.

Analyzing Your Space

Unless you intend to remove walls or change the plumbing layout in your bathroom, you will need to work with your current space and general bathroom layout. With that in mind, there are several measurements that you should make to assist in choosing the layout of your new bathroom vanities and bathroom cabinets. Start off by measuring the total area of your bathroom, in most cases measuring the length of each wall should suffice. It may help to draw a diagram to help you visualize your space. Next measure the length, width, and height of your current vanity. You will also want to measure the distance from your current vanity to other fixtures in your bathroom, including the distance to doors, cabinets, your toilet, and bathtub. These measurements will help to visualize how your current bathroom vanity fits in your space and will serve as a reference point when choosing new fixtures.

Creating a Theme

With your old bathroom vanity gone, now is a perfect time to think about changing the design of your bathroom. At very least, a fresh coat of paint can go a long way to giving an old space a new look. If you plan to do some additional remodeling, start thinking about the overall layout of your bathroom's new look. Will you go with a standalone sink or a modern bathroom vanity with a few classic touches? Do you want a larger vanity with a double sink, or would you prefer to trade sink space for storage with a new set of bathroom cabinets?

Piece by Piece or All in One

Some bathroom vanities include counter tops and a sink, while others are designed with the intent that you will choose your own design elements. Try mixing a classic looking cabinet with a double sink bathroom vanity, such as a ceramic sink with a brushed nickel faucet. If you opt for an all-inclusive model, you can always dress it up with accent decorations, or by picking out unique cabinet hardware to make your new vanity pop.

Do-it-Yourself versus Professional Installation

Installing a new bathroom vanity is a job that you may feel comfortable tackling, especially if you are handy or have done other light remodeling work in the past. Make sure to browse through the installation guides before settling on a vanity. While that sleek modern vanity may be beautiful, it may also require the assistance of a skilled professional to properly install. If you prefer to handle the installation yourself, make sure to pick a model that you feel comfortable installing on your own. 


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