Sunday, September 24, 2017

Panda Tee

A white tee is one of the best things one can wear on a casual day. Of course, it needs to be just right: the fabric, the fit, the sleeve length, the hem and the neckline - they all need to look great. 

This new white tee with a simple and cute panda print is a nice addition to my casual wardrobe. I like to throw it on with a pair of skinny jeans and be ready to go in two minutes. Bonus points for the asymmetric hemline - short in the front, long in the back. 

T-shirt: Shein



Whether you are shopping for fashion or food, you should always be looking for quality - it makes all the difference in the world. And if you're after the very best exquisite organic food and drink products, you must check out Chateau Rouge. Their products are not only delicious, but also beautifully packaged, sustainable and fair trade. Their selection includes organic loose teas, Italian coffee, English honey, French fruit jams and Luxury hot chocolates - all of which not only sound amazing but make great gift ideas, too!

Inner Fashionista by Amy Sinclair is an ebook in pdf format for women interested in breaking into the fashion industry. Is it your dream to work and thrive in the fashion world? Has it ever seem impossible or too cut throat to succeed in this arena? Well this ebook can answer this in the form of a short read that will guide you through some ways to take execution for your new career.

Orca Care is an online store that offers a wide selection of clothing, accessories and other items, selected just for your pleasure. Their sexy lingerie, cute jewelry and fun accessories are just what you need when you're in the mood for some light shopping to brighten your day. If your planning a bachelorette party, be sure to check out their party favors, they're pretty cool! Orca Care's mission is to make sure your shopping experience is as pleasant and fun as possible, so don't hesitate to visit their website! :)

Mosas allows you to create your own customized skin care products tailored to your needs and have them shipped to your doorstep. You can choose the ingredients that are best for your skin and build your perfect product by choosing a certified organic base and three 100% pure, natural essentials oils to solve your skin problems in the most natural way. Also, check out their Himalayan salt and cinnamon scrub as well as their whipped shea soild beauty oil, both of which sound amazing! 

Lacorrin offers awesome subscription boxes of quality vintage clothing. Both their romantique vintage box and grunge vintage box contain 3 vintage pieces carefully selected by their passionate personnel. The boxes contain a random selection of sweaters, camisoles, shorts, skirts, dresses, jackets and pants that will add a vintage touch to your day or evening look. And they have a jewelry box, too! Be sure to check out their lookbook for inspiration on how to wear the beautiful vintage surprises they send you.

If you are tired of mass produced apparel and looking for truly unique pieces to add to your fall wardrobe, you must check out ShopEholic! It is an E-commece website that offers a large selection of limited edition design products, including beautifully decorated T-shirts, sneakers, bags, kid's toys and home decor. I'm absolutely in love with their Japanese Art and Calavera collections and I'm sure that you'll love them too. ShopEholic - Awesome Limited Edition Design Products for Everyone!

London-based online store Newchic offers an impressive selection of affordable and fashionable clothes and accessories for every taste. It is a great place to shop for new fall favourites, like the roomy and super trendy loose cut dresses above that will look great with a pair of leather boots and an oversized scarf, but be sure to check out their more romantic and sexy styles as well!  Newchic offers international shipping and an integrated language translator on the website.
The Oak Supply sells handpicked sustainable jewelry made of Portuguese cork. The cork has specific qualities, which makes it a very unique piece to wear: very light, impermeable, natural, renewable, Leather free - No animal products used. The cork for the jewelry is harvested from the bark of Oak trees.

Cork is stain, water resistant and very easy to maintain as new, just need to clean with a damp soft cloth.

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