Saturday, October 14, 2017

Fall Shopping Tips

Nothing cures the fall blues better than an evening or two of healthy online shopping. Here are a few e-destinations that are worth checking out!

I'll keep updating this little shopping guide with new stores, so check back often :)

HeavyistheHeart Jewelry Design is an artisan jewelry brand based in British Columbia, Canada. The designer Natalie puts her heart and soul into her creations, along with a very talented pair of hands: every gemstone and metal she works with is made into a unique piece of wearable of art. Her style is fresh and modern with a bohemian twist, which makes her pieces the perfect choice if you want to add a feminine and romantic touch to your everyday or special occasion looks!

Welcome to one of the best-rated jewelry sellers of Etsy, Benitta Moko!
All their products are handmade and these handmade ornaments are a unique gift one can give to their friends and family. They offer good quality and original designs. Their great satisfaction is the positive feedback from their customers about their vogue and elegant ornamental creations.

Pearls have always been a synonym of delicate beauty and femininity. Aitunan Jewelry's designs are timeless and classy, but what really makes them unique is the imaginative use of pearls: in the hands of their jewellers they become flowers, fruits, water droplets and fantastic creatures, all while maintaining a perfect balance between innovation and classic style. Aitunan offers freshwater pearls in a variety of colors set in fabulous rings, earrings, bracelets and brooches that will be your favorite pieces for years to come.

Even in our increasingly technological world we still crave the freshness of nature in our lives. Nothing is quite like the scent of jasmine on a summer day or the aroma of fresh coffee beans on a Sunday morning. What if we could carry these wonderful scents and textures with us every day? Mistill's Organika phone cases let you do just that. They are handcrafted from natural materials like alpine hay, coffee beans and real flowers and perfectly capture their essence so you can always have them in your pocket.

We are right in the middle of October which means that you only have to blink and it's holiday season! (How did this even happen?) Medford House is a great e-commerce website that will take at least some of the gift-shopping stress of your shoulders. They have a huge selection of gifts that are very IN right now, including a wide array of jewelry, watches, iPhone cases, oil diffusers and even some really fun hosiery.. wink wink ;) Definitely worth a visit!

Mustee is a T-shirt brand available on Amazon that sells a selection of cute, quirky and fun tees with pretty prints! With Halloween right around the corner they are giving away 2 free Halloween pumpkin tees (above right). All you have to do to enter the giveaway is have a US shipping address and watch a video! Click here to enter. Also be sure to check out all the other fun designs by Mustee!

Paraval is an aviation inspired luxury label based in Los Angeles. Their casual but super fashionable menswear designs are primarily meant for leisure. Their loose fit tees and distressed jeans are so popular that many of them are often sold out. Wearing Paraval is a way of expressing your identity and communicating your personality to the world. Their collections are entirely manufactured in the heart of Los Angeles using high quality fabrics from countries like Italy and Japan. The brand also gives back to the community by providing education to needy people through the Amani Hope Foundation.

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