Saturday, October 7, 2017

Song Queen - A Fusion of Music and Fashion

Music and fashion are the two forms of art that we can (and do) enjoy literally every day. The songs we hear on the radio become the soundtrack of our lives and the clothes we wear set the tone for our days and influence how other people perceive us. But what happens when these two essential forms of art meet? 

A fashion line inspired by songwriting and a life in music, with a lot of personality and a uniquely stylish aesthetic. The designer behind the brand Song Queen is singer, songwriter and all-round artist Anouschka Pearlman whose music industry career and passion for composing and singing inspired her fashion collections that are just as multifaceted as she is.

Anouschka first started singing in an all girl rock band and went on to build a successful career as a woman in the music industry. Her experience with sexism in this male dominated industry led her to come up with the phrase that appears on items of her "Logo" collection: "Fashion with passion- because you aren't meant to be a groupie..." and I think that's definitely an idea worth spreading. We all deserve to find our song, as Anouschka puts it, and express ourselves, to play a leading role in the story of our lives. 

Every Song Queen piece is created using exclusive music mementos. The "Set List" collection is featuring a real set list from one of Anouschka's concerts, the "Angaza" series are inspired by the manipulated colors on her album cover from an EP she recorded in Kenya being the first western woman to record a fusion of western songwriting and Nairobi beats mixing Kiswahili and English. The "So Why" collection is printed with cartoon versions of Anouschka herself, making for a fun and modern fusion of music and fashion, while the "Composer" series is evocative of serene mornings with its calm and neutral color palette.

Visit the Song Queen website to see all of Anouschka's designs!

Photo of the original set list

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