Monday, October 23, 2017

Special Feature - International Model Lia Kees

Beauty is power, there is no doubt about that. Beautiful people flood our Instagram feeds and inspire us to be the best possible version of ourselves. We surround ourselves with beautiful thing to make our lives more colorful. We flock to beautiful places to recharge our batteries and gain strength to face the world again.

But is beauty in itself is worth little - it's what we do with it that matters. 

No one knows that better than international fashion model and blonde bombshell Lia Kees who, after winning the prestigious Miss Europe 2016 contest, managed to build a perfect personal brand: a head spinning mix of class and sensuality, with a few sprinkles of exotic locations and luxury hotels, that - deservedly - amassed a whopping 50.000 Instagram followers.

The Kyrgyz-born beauty, who now lives in Prague, has been modelling since the age of fourteen and now works with international brands, travelling the world for business and for pleasure. No wonder that she decided to put her experience and talent to good use and help other people who are dreaming of a career in the world of fashion: her project called "Model Weekend" allows aspiring  models to meet with leading industry experts, photographers and media representatives to give them a head start in the business.

Lia Kees is flooded with offers from brands from all over the world and one she has recently accepted is to represent Hollywood slim wraps, an international fitness brand known for their slimming program. She was also chosen for the cover of WELAB FASHION MAGAZINE's October issue. 

Lia is constantly working on new projects - and stunning photoshoots! - but for now she only reveals one big surprise for the near future: she is planning to publish her own calendar! I'll leave it up to you to imagine how beautiful those photos will be.

In the meanwhile, follow Lia Kees on Instagram to keep up with her news and enjoy her stunning feed!