Thursday, November 23, 2017

Special Feature - Lia Kees

I don't know about you, but I am always looking for new Instagram accounts to follow. It is my favorite social network because there is such a great community of people who inspire each other and it's always a pleasure to discover new profiles that I will look forward to visiting every morning over coffee. 

So, if like me you are looking to follow someone who will inspire you to be your best, fittest, most glamorous and well cared for self, I suggest you check out Lia Kees's profile. 

Lia is an international fashion model and beauty pageant winner who has graced the covers of many magazines and has just recently been chosen for the cover of the famous #NumberOneMagazine, where other well-known models such as Nita Kuzmina, Olesya Malinskaya and Dasha Belize were also featured. 

Lia is also the fitness brand ambassador for BodySlimWraps Hollywood (and honestly, who's better than her for the role?) and is getting really successful in the Czech showbusiness, since she is based in Prague. 

On her Instagram she shares snapshots of her glamorous life, surrounded by designer bouquets, beautiful accessories and luxurious interiors, professional photos that are absolutely stunning, behind the scenes sneak peeks into her magazine shoots, glamour images and the occasional gym selfie that will leave you with the urge to sign up to a gym and get yourself in shape ASAP.

Lia's style is a mix of high voltage sexiness and high end elegance with lots of black, some white and a touch of red here and there. You will find yourself looking at her stunning outfits just as much as at her inspiring physical shape, that I can guarantee :)

Be sure to follow her on Instagram to keep up with her updates and let me know if there's anyone you guys think I should follow!

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